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July 11, 2007


Goyim in the AM

From the pictures of Jay Sterling on the web and the brief bits of biography about him on the web, I'd say it's the same guy. Wow, what a creep. It would be nice if this blast from his past could damage his reputation a little. Should be funny when his cult members find this on Google.

Louisville Dan

I love crappy lounge acts. Where have all the lounge acts gone? Thanks for the post.


Right, I should point out that A. Justin Sterling is his cult seminar name.

And Dan, I've got lots more lovely lounge to share that might one day be coming soon to a 365 Project near you.

Genus Johnson

I think he is trying to sound like Elvis a bit. Interesting bit.

Scott Mercer

I think he might be trying to imitate Jim Peterik from The Ides of March (was he their vocalist?) since I heard a bit of scatting stolen from their hit "Vehicle." David Clayton-Thomas has a lot to answer for.

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