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July 14, 2007



Thanks! This is one of the most misguidedly great things I've hears in quite a while. You are correct in your assertion about the keyboard solo in MacArthur Park. And the guys voice is pretty fantastic, too. I half expect him to shout "I am the god of hell fire.."


I should note. This recording was sent to me by Scott (who wrote to me after the first 365 in early 2004). All of the words are from his letter he sent to me when sending a CDR. I tried to email and locate Scott but could not find him. So Scott if you are reading this time around it made the project, and it's one of those things sitting around here that is too good to not share.


Hellbound Alleee

Nice! But I can't help asking: "the two Pete's" what? Ale? Beer? Bangers and eggs?


There's a woman in there, too, singing "After the Goldrush"...was she just a pub patron who stood up and sang?

David Noades

Thanks for sharing this with us, some great arrangements and a terrific sound for a bar duo. This album may be Volume One of Live At The 'New' Montague Arms but it all started in 1971 when the duo played at the old Montague Arms (at the same address but before it was renovated). I have Volumes One - Three which were all issued as private pressings on the pub's own label. Volume One was from 1971, Volumes Two and Three are from 1972. The Two Peters are actually keyboardist Peter London and drummer (and landlord) Peter Hoyle who were (and still are) the in-house duo. Peter Hoyle was famous for his excessive facial hair and outrageous taste in clothes (paisley shirts, flock velvet loon pants, etc). On the earlier albums they were joined by vocalist-comedian-compere Jimmy Jones who's now quite a big name on the British comedy circit. Keyboardist Peter London is truly amazing and he often includes his own codas on the songs he performs, sometimes nicking bits from other tunes to embellish them. Originally playing the Hammond organ he introduced the Moog on Volume Three. All three albums have been signed by the three and I suspect these were only sold in house to regular punters/fans. The cover of Volume One is legendary amoung collectors of kitsch-naff. See it at the following blog page:


I've been at the Montague for the last two new years', these guys are definitely still going strong! Thanks for sharing the recording.


Whoa! My mate John lives down Brockley way, I shall request a pilgrimage to the Montague next time I'm down in the Smoke. Wicked!

Liam Baldwin

Dear gods, Thank you so much for this. Track 2 MacArthur Park / Popcorn has left me weak with laughter.

Scott Mercer

The most God-Like inappropriateness possible.

Why take one of the most over-the-top "Golden Throat" vocal tracks ever composed (MacArthur Park, yes I know there are many instrumental versions, but the Richard Harris hit version kills anything else) and pair it with "Popcorn," one of the most famous instrumentals ever to hit the pop charts? And yet, somehow the whole thing WORKS.

Anyway, I boggle at the capabilities of the human imagination.

365 Project rules.


Thank you for once again hi=lighting the creative uber hub that is New Cross.
Shame what with all those amazing keyboard runs, he keeps hitting the wrong note in the Key Riff of Popcorn. Do do do-do do-do DUHH!

Martin Howe

Just had to thank you for this one. Started out I found an albumn in my collection 1977 live at the Montague Arms. It was about the time we used to visit every sunday. I had it ripped to cd and have been playing it again.Then I thought I would google the Montague Arms and find out what happened to the two petes. Amazed to find the are still at the Mont. Will definately make the crusade when next in London.Thanks once again. I feel young again!

Susan Fitzgerald

Juat to let people know that track 5 is Alan the Diamond (real name Alan Fitzgerald - my husband) Alan is still in the music business, playing different clubs up an down the country every weekend with his band (Legacy)that are now in their 11th year.

Bob T

i frequented the Mont in the 70's the best song they did did was the Beatles "Day in the life" which Peter extended somewhat with the Moog till he reached the end of the range of then weird sounds. I recall the tallest man in Britain Chris Greener being behind the bar. Jim Davidson wearing an Emerson Lake & Palmer T shirt dying a death prior to New Faces & the best comic in the pub Mike Kemp (Jim Davidson nick nicked most of his act). Happy Days somewhere I have Live at the Mont New Years Eve with a snapshot of me on the back with a mate when we shouldn't have been there! Don't tell the wife!

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