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July 16, 2007


The Chemical Brothers'

If ya FMUers really wanna get hot, just check the hottest cool parody pic by clickin' dè link.

Dan B

So, the deal is that Pent-R-Books was sued by the US over 20 mailings that it made to customers who had asked not to receive any more mailing from them, and the US won in the Eastern District (Brooklyn) federal court. On appeal, the 2nd Circuit remanded 16 of those cases for reconsideration because of various procedural problems, but did not declare the postal regulation unconstitutional. I checked the statute, and it looks like it has only once been found partially unconstitutional. That was in a case where Larry Flynt mailed copies of Hustler to every member of Congress, and many of them signed on as not wishing to receive any further mailings from him. Of course, he sent another round of Hustlers up to Capitol Hill and argued that it was protected by the First Amendment because he was expressing his political views to Congresspeople. The court agreed with him and held that the statute was unconstitutional if it was used by a Congressperson to restrain a citizen from communicating with the Congressperson about political issues of concern. Otherwise, the anti-pandering legislation appears to still be good law.

(Can you tell I'm taking the bar exam next week and so I'll do just about ANYTHING to procrastinate right now?)

Jonathan Ward

Thanks for that info - and good luck with the exam!

Ace London

This recording sounds like John Cleese moonlighting as a sex ed teacher or something. I love this recording. It takes you back to a day when sex was really a partially hush hush thing. Of course, I am not surprised that WFMU posted yet another winner of an MP3. Hasn't let me down yet. :)


This sound track just smacks of "we just threw this record in so we can say this porno is educational." He's flubbing lines, coughing, etc. It's like they didn't expect anyone to actually listen to it. :)

It's great, thanks!

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