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July 18, 2007


Very nice!!
A zip file would be even nicer.


flashgot is your friend

Kip W

I'm cracking my knuckles and jumping for joy!


I find these sorts of small audio files are good for taking the place of mic breaks on my ipod. I have a bunch of individual words or short field recordings and similar stuff. Since they've yet to come up with an AI DJ I can make do with, for example "I don't like pits, pits, pits! In my juice, juice, juice!" between tracks.

Corey Williams

Not sure if you realize this, but this album has been continually posted on several well known Star Trek fansites - and it's currently available thru several torrents. It's probably THE most commonly traded Star Trek bloopers collection out there

All of the bloopers posted on your page have been available for years on the Star Trek Bloopers video, which is nice because it actually contains the video for these bloopers

Star Trek Bloopers (VHS tape)

keep on Trekkin- CW


I have taken a small sampling and edited it together with the scenes from the original show.

Happy viewing!



Wow, I can almost hear Corey snort in his comment. Nice.

From those of us who are huge Star Trek fans, and haven't managed to come across this over the years, thank you for posting this. It's awesome.


I'd like know which "Star Trek fansites" and torrents this bloopers album has been available on (?) I'm a hardcore Trekker and have never seen this particular album online before

now if you could just compile the various bloopers from the Star Trek films that would be great, too

Parson Brown

I too found Corey smarmy. Godamn nerd.


can we download clips direct or are they in zipfile? THANKS! COOOLSTUFF!


Two bloopers from "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" (both involving the great Frank Gorshin) made it onto an actual blooper reel but neither one are featured on this album:

+ Gorshin's character Bele steps into the transporter, beams away, then comes back as Jimmy Cagney!

+ Bele and Lokai are running down the corridors of the Enterprise constantly. In the blooper, both are running in the same direction, the editing quickens, finished by both of them colliding with an appropriate sound f/x.

Glad everyone enjoyed the post!


Dr. Benway

How come you didn't list the track title's stated on the back of the record for reference points for the internal and external labeling?


CW asserts these are from the common Trek blooper reel, but I saw that stuff when it was still only available as 16mm dupes--pre-VHS, mind you--and the material here sounds vastly different. I projected that material and/or viewed it many times. He may wish to review the material and append his remark, based upon my familiarity, as these audio outtakes differ from the common two or three outtake reels. Perhaps CW is mistaken; to me, his sniping reminds me of an obsessive fanatic, like the one I saw at a con once who drunkenly criticized someone's Kirk costume because one tiny detail was 'off' (which the sane of us in the crowd could've cared less about). Obsessive fans are the bane of the sci-fi/fantasy/comic realm.

Michael Hansen

When I was in jr high, I found this on STORE BOUGHT TAPE with no surface noise or liner notes. I am now 35 years old, and I own the vinyl album. I still have the store bought tape and it plays perfect because I rarley ever play it. The store bought tape was used, cost 10 dollars and was at Streetlight Records.

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