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July 21, 2007


Jonathan Ward

Wow, Pea - another excellent post. Watt is great. And the depth of the Rodd Keith well is startling!

Jurgen Reitze

Fine music ! And thanks for it. Jurgen, from Chile.


Sure sounds like Rod "Keith" Eskelin to me. . . I found a copy of "The Eskelin Family Singers" gospel LP last year. . . pretty trashed vinyl, but playable. Musically nothing special, but nice rarity (but then, isn't everything RK did a "rarity"?)

Scott Mercer

I had to give up on Mr. Wilfong's world almost immediately as he made the cardinal mistake (to me) of rhyming BLUES and SHOES, a tactic that was probably a cliche even if this was recorded in 1950. Maybe if he kept going right through the Sixties, he may have used my second most hated rhyme, GROOVY and MOVIE.

But God Bless Rodd Ketih for tackling the songs with his usual medicated brio.

Sammy Reed

My guess on the "anonymous female" is Bobbi Blake.


I'd recommend - they put lyrics to your music, and hell cheap too.

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