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July 22, 2007


Doctor Ex

The poster must not have listened to this all the way through--clearly, she's not pitching a radio show, but a series of sexy cassette tapes.


The poster of this probably did not know it was not a radio show because he couldn't stand listening to it all. Wow... is this ever bad. The host tries unsuccessfully to force a sexy mood and voice while stumbling through brain-damaged "sexy" rap meets Dr. Suess meter.
The whole business pitch part is just as lame, the idea being selling these R-rated sex advice cassettes for bored commuters. Ugh.

Dr. Benway

This doesn't really sound like much advice. More so common sense. There's nothing really learned. No "detail" or "how to." This is as awkward to listen to as my mother talking to me about masturbation.


I'm speechless.

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