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July 23, 2007


El lapis

Yo soy,... naranja! Numero dos! Much like the oranges, I too bleed for freedom.

Kip W

If you're ever in Houston, go see the Orange Show. It's a big, crazed construction by some tetched fellow who wanted to make a monument in praise of the orange. He built the place himself, which meant that it took some hard work to keep it from falling apart when the Orange Show Foundation took over in (I think) the 80s. Outside, it has theatres with rows of tractor seats for the audience. Inside, it has bizarro dioramas with illiterate and confusing signs trying to make sense of it all.


I was wondering why on earth South Africa would import oranges from Spain, until I realised what was going on. "S.A." is Spanish for "Co." ( , click on English) - I'm pretty sure that's a Spanish company trying to sell oranges (to the British? - because again, all other English-speaking people can pretty much grow them in their own countries).

Richard Brandt

So that's what it means when I hear someone say "S.A."

Anyway, I now have the name for my next band.



It would be terrific if someone could translate the lyrics of the song on side two.


S.A. in Spanish music is also Soziedad Alkohólika ("Int[oxicated]."?), a punk band.

"por Iberofón" means "by Iberofon", apparently a Spanish ("Iberia") recording studio ("phon").

Scott Bateman

This MP3 is now a short animated film:


Scott, that animation is just sooo cool. I don't understand it but it's great, and not at all what you would expect. I can't believe that a record I rescued from being thrown away at the end of a car boot sale has ended up being the soundtrack to a cartoon.

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