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July 27, 2007


Webhanster Henry

The back of the record cover has the lyrics, which I transcribe herewith:

I-M-4-U S-I-M S-I-M
I-M-I-N-U U-R-I-N-2
S-E-Z-2-C B-B- U-N-I-C-I-2-I O
I-M-4-U S-I-M S-I-M

Other alphabetic fans may like to hear They Might Be Giants' I C U form "Here come the ABC's"

Chris R.

Awesome! Thanks for this! I just bought a copy of Jack's autobiography at a thrift store, titled "I Kid You Not." I'm too young to have caught him on TV but he seemed a very decent and smart, funny man.


Best part is in the middle of the song, when the guy actually explains that all the lyrics are made up of letters and numbers, as if to say "Look how clever I am". Either that, or he seriously underestimated the intelligence of his audience.


I hate to ask the obvious, but didn't Prince write that song?

lol, i remember my grade 2 teacher teaching us this song..

The Chairman!!! :)

This song is amazing!
one might even say 3l33t (oh wait, no that didn't work, did it?) People nowadays think they're so clever with their texting and cuteness (l8r, etc.) but Jack Paar beat us all to it by what, fifty years?
Radical :)

Ric DeSiena

Why do I wake up at 2 A.M. thinking of this song and picturing the record sleeve ?

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