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July 30, 2007


David Noades

Hey, Derek Smalls was/is the Spinal Tap bassist, bassists can write geat songs (think Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, etc). Dave Chandler is more in Cozy Powell territory. Lead vocalist Alan Humber now works as a comedian under the name Maxwell Plumm - see his web page - you can book him for your next cabaret show, hen night, Christmas party, or whatever.

Dale Hazelton

"Flyin' High" -- GREAT! A drummer 'writing' a song that is basically instrumental filler around his drum solos is so bad it's -- well ok, it's just bad. The fact that his drum kit is pathetically small doesn't help matters.

I had hopes of greatness when I read the back cover -- A mellotron, cool! As a 13 year old hooked on the early Moody Blues I had hopes of more prog leanings, but it wasn't to be.

To be fair, these guys and their clothes look appropriate for the time (we ALL looked like that then) and I really like the bands name. I googled some of the previous bands these guys were in, and Deaf Cuckoo is listed as one of this fellows musical influences, so Deaf Cuckoo must have layed down some wax sometime (this guy's WORTH checking out):

Beau Levitt

"Flyin' High" is also on the compilation Working Man's Soul, which is a great collection of this sort of thing.


Thanks for the link to the Working Man's Soul comp. I know it's a class/culture thing, but the fascination these performers have for me is their total otherness to anything I was brought up with, ( lower middle class south east boy, me ) and their almost total invisibilty in the mainstream media. A bit like finding records from Mars or something. And yes, though I have great respect for anyone who can make a living performing, I think they are naff and funny. If that makes me a snob, and/or childish then that's what I am.
cheers, Jon


At least they didn't take the picture in front of the obligatory brick wall...


Please, can you upload the side 1?
Your blog is absolutely great!
Best wishes.


Managed to relive old memories with a group of friends last night...played Maxwll Plumm LP on old dusty Dansette record player, wonderful tone! Great time!

Here I am 24 hrs later playing the LP again...Great memories of them and our time at Pontins Camber Sands...proud to say I was there when there was 'just about standing room only, spilling out to the corridor' and yet above us the 'vast ballroom with a 'named band' playing and overpaid.... was almost empty!!

Well remember being on reception duty, you were all in the bar playing Albatross, or For the good times...most posts were deserted...well worth facing the 'sack' just to see you 'cover' them.
Well done guy's, would love to relive those day's.

Hope your all well.

PS got some great photo's!!!

Joe Routzon

My name is Joe and I just wanted to say how pleased I was to find this site. I had the pleasure of playing in the "Paul Sanders Band" in Ohio USA. We played a range of blues and older rock and Roll.
Paul and I became very close friends over the years. I met him when I owned a small record store. He traded me a Robin Tower CD for a few items. I never saw him again for about 3 years. I started managing our local music store and since he was a player he became part of the decor.
Sadly, Paul Passed away some time ago. We were playing one of the local clubs when it happened. He litteraly played right up to the end. What a fitting way for such a wonderfully creative musician to pass.

Thank you for your efforts with this site.
Joe Routzon


Thanks for the kind comments about the Working Man's Soul compilation that we put out, featuring Dave Chandler's instrumental/drum solo 'Flying' High' off this Maxwell Plumm LP. If you like this sort of thing, we're releasing Working Man's Soul Volume 2 on 20th July 2009... even more obscure British cabaret band rock, soul, funk, jazz, latin... you name it! Details and track listing are here:
Chris, Ed & Simon
Licorice Soul

tina smith

My name is Tina and reading the reviews about Maxwell Plumm brought back so many happy memories of Camber Sands in the 1970s.
My sis loved Butch and I was head over heels with Dave-what is it about drummers?

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