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July 19, 2007



Ahhhhh. . . the "hipster prank", what a long and glorious history it has.


I have two Archie Jesus freak comics I scanned a couple days ago-- might want to check those out, especially for the insane hippie stereotype, Legion!

Dale Hazelton

"We write with small machines similar to calculators. We don't have any books because we use mini-recorders."

Now if it was signed little Stevie Jobs, THAT would be neat!


We opened doors by thinking, we went to sleep by dialing O. We drove to work by proxy, I plug my wife in just for show.

New ways, new days, I dream, of wires.


Is anyone else freaked out that they printed this kids ENTIRE ADDRESS. Damn, that would be a serious privacy issue today.

Michael Powers

"We write with small machines similar to calculators." Sounds like Starchild was "texting." The whole letter is beginning to sound pretty prescient already. I wonder how many years it will take before Starchild's account more or less exactly matches reality.

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