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July 29, 2007



I always knew goober to be peanut. As in the Civil War era song, "Goober Peas" (look under Burl Ives).


Weeeeee. Thanks!


Hey Horsey Horsey! Hey Horsey Horsey!
I remember listening to that song again a few years ago and being startled to realize that it was an optigan they were using, which I hadn't known about at the time...Animal Party is really killer, too...

Paul Simononymous

That Tiny Tim song is one of the most brilliantly insane things I have ever heard in my life.


first time caller. long time listener. wow...this is amazing. thanks so much for posting this. i've been looking for years to replace my cd. post "potatoes" and "beets" if you can. pizza break?


Incidentally, this is longer than the version we had, which was maybe an EP or something...I get the impression the EP was expanded to make this a year or so later, but I could be wrong.

Listener Jim

I've got "Potatoes", so expect that sometime soon. In fact, I've got the CD and the vinyl releases of that album, and I think there's at least one cut on the vinyl that wasn't on the CD release. That'll be a bonus track.

Hell's Donut House

T.E.C. Tones was a short-lived adjunct to Ralph during the period when the label was owned by Tom and Sheenah Timony (some details here: Sheenah was at one time married to Jad Fair, which may help explain his presence here.

And yes, that Eric Feldman is exactly who you think it is. Among numerous other credits, he was also a member of Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins.


Eric Drew also played with Snakefinger & Residents' label-mates, the "Club Foot Orchestra." They can be heard on the Potatoes comp.

Anyone notice that Snakefinger's "History of the Blues" record has never shown up on CD? I have vinyl and it's surprisingly good. The horn section of this live band later mutated into the Club Foot. So I'm told.

Naz Nomad

Eric Drew Feldman has been touring with the Residents for some time now. His name is even in the credits of the Demons Dance Alone DVD.


Hey! Wow! This moment is almost as cool as when we got played on Dr. Demento! I came here to download some tunes, and there's a record I'm on!

I'm Junglebook, one of the four Genuine Diamelles. We sang that hastily-truncated version of "Underdog" on Goobers. Right at the part they faded out, we went into an extended "rap" segment. Without consulting us, the people who put the record out cut off more than half of our version of the song. Even so, I'm glad to have shown up on Beware of the Blog - honored, in fact.

Someday, I'll get those files posted. (We did a retrospective 2-CD collection, 100 copies) Dr. Demento played a song of ours called "Who Keeps Feeding These Pigeons", but our big "hit" was an a capella version of "Kashmir". In recent years, I've been doing pirate radio, and after having stolen so many songs off of this blog, I'm really glad I could contribute something!

If I get the tracks to our CD, "Poisonous Muffin" posted, I'll let y'all know where.

San Francisco


A word of warning: The first commenter, DD, is recommending a dangerous and unlawful act. Do not, under any circumstances, look under Burl Ives.

It was a dicey operation at best when the old bastard was still alive. Now it's criminal and hazardous.

I did find a peanut, though, so it wasn't a total loss.

Hell's Donut House

Say, Bridgewerk -- if you felt like ripping that album to mp3, you'd make those of who've been trying to find a copy for twenty years very happy indeed....


Sheenah Spece, Simon "Stinkypuff" Timony's mom, recounted the origin of the Foo Foo Heads, and also Simon's song "Animal Party" at Presumably the same kids who did "Just Be You" also did "We Don't Talk to Strangers". Anybody know when "Monsters" was recorded? Sounds like VERY early Stinky Puffs.


Please if anybody know the lyrics of The Chicken Dance by Tiny Tim (
and can post it to me ?

Neal Richardson

can I download the whole album??????????

Neal Richardson

can i get the whole album please????

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