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July 10, 2007


fatty jubbo

more Ed Shepp on thee blog, please!


I can't believe you said "Maybe Hugh Laurie is really funny." That's like saying "Maybe the Pope is really religious."

Hugh Laurie is a comedic genius.

Zach Brady

Honestly, you are the best writer on this blog. I rarely laugh out loud while reading but here I did, and several times.

Banyon II

Man, I have the hugestest crush in the WORLD on Steve of da Blue's Clues. I suppose I like shy, odd, semi-comfortable man boys...he's like a well-aging, more angular Bud Cort, and that = the yum.

When the guy who's in everything had ads for his Fox show, which god knows if it exists or not, I thought it's be a redux of his fake "Doctors Without Borders" role in House. AWESOME! But it was some shit crime thing. He's like a buffer Frank Grimes.


Dan B

Having a kid who just turned 3 means I spent a LOT of time about 6-8 months ago watching Blue's Clues, so I consider myself a bit of a Steve Burns connoisseur. I really enjoy watching him because it's so obvious that he's getting a kick out of how goofy and ridiculous his job is.

I mean, this is a skater boy who somehow got cast to jump around enthusing about his relationship with a giant computer-generated blue dog. All his scenes are performed on an empty stage in front of a green screen and he has to have lengthy conversations with imaginary friends. And then he became a HUGE star with moms across the country wanting to get in his pants, and then you could really tell he thought the whole thing was an enormous absurdist joke. His performances definitely verge on covert Dada at their best, and it's all cool because, as everyone knows, kids are basically Dada personified.

What does he do now? He lives in Dumbo and plays rock and roll, counting the Flaming Lips amongst his frequent collaborators. Check out his website: http://www.steveswebpage.com.


I think Ron Livingston (aka TGWIE) is a damn good actor, esp. in OFFICE SPACE and BAND OF BROTHERS. What have you got against him?

Jerl Rinkins

I though steve buscemi was the guy who's in everything.

Dale Hazelton

When I started to scorll down through this post, I presumed it would just be about WB actors who look like models from the International Male catalog, circa 1992. Thank God for Steve and Paula.

Ed, why don't you break into television production with a reality show about Steve, calling it "Get a Clue" or some such thing? It could follow an actor stuck in roles that belie his age, perpetually doped up by his handlers. Sorta like Judy Garland. I'd watch.....


i want to have weirdo drunken sex with paula abdul. i imagine her shouting all kinds of crazy things during coitus, like "ohh yess, my pancreas!" or "touch me on my brain, HARDER!, no, not THERE, on my BRAIN dammit!" or "GOD i love PANCAKES!! let's go to IHOP. . . NOW!"

i love you babbadoodle, why wont you call me?

Ed Shepp

Just addressing the comments here:

First, thanks everyone just for commenting. And thanks for the compliments as well. And thanks for Steve Burns website--I had no idea what he was doing now.

Next: Hugh Laurie. Yeah, he is a comedic genius. And I bet that's what thatguywhosineverything would have said if I'd asked what Hugh Laurie's like.

And: What do I have against Ron Livingston?!?! Whahappah?! Nothing. He's a great actor with a great complexion. And I would have thought I'd be more excited to see him on the street. But that's the point: I had the same nonplussed reaction to him that I had to Cynthia Nixon, Jackie Mason and That Guy From Strangers with Candy (not Stephen Colbert). (Incidentally, I actually talked to Paul Dinello, and tried to muster some enthusiasm, which didn't really work and made me look like a lunatic. Which is actually kinda cool. I was That-Loonie-Tune-Who-Had-Nothing-to-Say-to-Paul Dinello-in-an-East-Village-Deli.) He's great, but whatever. I wish I'd reacted like my friend Stephanie, who went straight up to Johnny Knoxville in some bar and talked to him like he was a friend from college ("Hey, sexy thing! What's shakin?!") until she realized that he was not, in fact, an old friend, but that she thought she recognized him because he's famous. At which point she got really embarrassed and walked away all red-faced. That would've been cool. But I was all like, "Wow, it's That Guy, and I guess I ought to be excited, but I'm not."



You know, up until like 2 minutes ago when I read this blog I hadn't a clue that Ron Livingston was Ron Livingston. He existed in a nebulous outer-region of star astronomy that co-mingled a gaseous mix of Sheenishness with a trace of Baldwinesque. And then-- bang!--his name is Ron Livingston? WTF? How can that be right? What happened to my star universe? What is a Livingston? How can he not be bred out of the same "likable everyday guy" seed as Charlie S.? I need a recognizable family dynasty full of past glory and garbage to pin this regular mug on. It's as if without a point of reference R.L. might likable himself out of existence! Oops...wait...there he goes. Who were we talking about again?


Diary entry:

July 11th, 2007,

Fired from another job today, spent my last $30 on scratch tickets and a 6 of narragansett, which I have already downed. Only mustard and carrots in the fridge. $7.89 in the bank account. Still no replies from my letters to Babbadoodle.


Ed, great to have you back. I had to mentally edit your prose, adding digital repeats, delays and pitch warps, but anything from you is welcome.

By an interesting coincidence, just after reading your post, I came across this article from Cracked.com about That-Guys. 20 of 'em. Count 'em.


Krys O.

Aaron Eckhart's prognathic chin has nuthin' on Rondo Hatton's lantern-jaw.


Here is the REAL "Guy Who's In Everything" and I mean EVERYTHING.


Krys O.

I thought the late Charles Lane was the Guy Who's In Everythang?!


About four years ago I was sitting in a cod-Irish bar in Newport, Kentucky, and I saw this guy. I could swear I knew him from somewhere. High School? College? Some job I had years ago? It was driving me crazy. After about thirty minutes of staring and whispering to my girlfriend, I figured it out: He was one of those guys who are in everything. You know, the older-looking guy, who always plays military assholes or bad cops. Apparently, he's from the area.

Just a few months ago, I was sitting in a bar in Cincinnati when George Wendt walked in, sat at the bar, and ordered a beer. No one said a word to him. I'm guessing that George Wendt doesn't walk into bars and order a beer very often, because I can tell you that when he does, it's extremely surreal.

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