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July 22, 2007


Tony B.

Pointless accolades ahead, so feel free to ignore.
But, damn. Am I happy I found this blog. Keep up the good word. No need to even post this. Just thanks all around.


Incredible. Thanks a lot for posting this.

Listener Tony

Where is the archive of him doing a 3-hour WFMU stint on John Allen's show? A perplexing collage, long form, with very creepy vocal improv...

Listener # 109577


John Fahey was the Balder whose only weakness was an unwillingness to stand in front of an electric band with a Marshall amp and a wah-wah pedal. I will refrain from pointing a finger at just one of the many British Lokis.

Brian Turner

There's some great footage from I think 1969 of Fahey on an instructional show called Guitar Guitar, where he squabbles a bit over technique or rather non-technique with the woman who hosts. Mighty entertaining, on You Tube as well I am pretty sure.


Thanks Brian, I added the YouTube links to the post.


Tony, do you mean this show? It isn't quite three hours and John Allen doesn't say much about it (apart from "You probably haven't heard this before"), but it seems quite amazing.


I used to have the VHS tape of that GUITAR GUITAR show (I believe it was a PBS show produced in DC)-- Rounder Records/Sebastapol Video released it with another episode of that show featuring Elizabeth Cotten.

The best part is when he ashes his cigarette into the soundhole of the Weissenborn, and the host just stops dead and says "oh, it's not a guitar, it's an ashtray"-- classic Fahey. (Of course at the time the Weissenborns were in every thrift store, so I don't blame Fahey, nowadays they are worth big money).


Damn, they removed the Guitar, Guitar interviews from Youtube. I'd love to see those and any other Fahey interviews. Anyone have any audio or video Fahey interviews?

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