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July 06, 2007



I remember hearing that song on Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts (RIP) radio show and I assumed that it was one of the many Japcore bands he was playing at the time.
Now I know it's an American band singing 'BAAAAHHHH!'
That's still one nasty guitar riff!

Arlen S. Baer

Thanks to Brian Turner for posting the Legionnares Disease video. I was guitarist at the start of this band in
78-79 and am trying to find Jerry Anomie Duncan (also known as the Reverend Zombie Dada) the lead singer/deathmaster/sheepherder.
Rumor has it he lives (if he lives) in Frisco. If anyone knows his wherabouts e-mail me.


my email is [email protected] email me jerry ps,yep, thats me


Saw jerry perform this one last night at the Island reunion

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