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July 30, 2007



The beginning is terrible - it sounds too much like an imitation of the original (except with less energy and surprise) but somewhere in the middle... it gets good! Really good (and somehow is still recognizable as 21st century schizoid man despite the band's liberties with the solo section). Then it starts to suck again during the end.

Does anyone other than me find the singer's accent hilarious?


I think they're pretty ambitious to try that song in the first place. There are so many important subtleties to the original studio version, the guitar echo, the effect on the vocals etc. that it would be hard to capture the exact quality of it. It might have worked better if they'd tried to break further from the sound of the original. It's likely I am going to seek out their CDs.

Thanks Brian Turner

p.s. probably not a good idea to make fun of the Norwegian death guys


Their latest album 'Grindstone' is really good, check that out.
Their earlier albums seem to be jazz - can't believe we still call it 'jazz' but listen, that's what it is...


someone tell Billy Kiely I want that melted guitar he borrowed from Christian.


Awesome, thanks Brian!
- Do you think it matters what notes they play?
- Is Shining related to Zu?
- I always thought this was a Voivod song.

Hazy Dave

The stop/start bits on Crimson's BBC session version - around 3:45 in this version - is what convinced me that Michael Giles was the phenomenal drummer that Fripp asserts. And the band was astonishingly tight. These guys play an approximation of that...

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