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July 27, 2007


Angela's Husband

Don't forget the Who used to perform a little song cycle called Tommy.


God, this makes me feel old. (Of course I _am_ old, I remember when Daydream Nation represented SY's big commercial sellout).

Angela, the cover is a Gerhard Richter painting.

Brian Turner

Russia bootlegged Daydream as a single LP, and the cover was a photo someone just took of a candle:

I think the band brought some back in 89 from their tour there and Pier Platters had em for sale.


Name the personalities in between shots of SY.


watching 'alternative' bands performing 20-year-old lps in their entirety is duller than watching a broadway show made of abba songs.


we allus said 'daydream' would have been a good record if whittled down to one disk - but the ruskies put on the wrong ones!


Yes, Craig, you've got the lock on hipness with that comment.

I'd rather watch SY play Daydream Nation 10 times in a row than to endure even 20 minutes of, say, a Strokes show.

Anyway, to respond to Yedna, the people/acts that I think I recognize in the vid are:

Jad Fair of Half Japanese
Patti Smith (twice?)
Mark E. Smith (aka The Fall)
Henry Rollins / Black Flag
Daniel Johnston
Neil Young
Sun Ra
Mike Watt (Minutemen/fIREHOSE)
Iggy Pop having a fit

Joni Mitchell
Ian MacKaye (Fugazi)

I'm sure I missed several. There was some news anchorman or something there, too, not sure who that was.

Brian Turner

Who's the mock-blowing-his-head-off dude? For some reason I theorized it was Bruce Pavitt (Sub Pop founder).

Pussy Galore on Uncle Floyd has gotta have been amazing.


ya got me dave - i'm just a 20yrold trustfund williamsburg hipster who likes the strokes.

my memory of faces is fading, but i saw a few nick zedd / richard kern fellow travellers, peewee, kiss, pekar, blixa, brix? i swear i saw donita sparks as a teen.
but maybe that was redd kross.

several others are just too fast for a tiny flash player screen and my bad eyes. but thurston esp always liked to show his influences, both as badge and roadmap for others. except for madonna (who seemed to be missing, or did i miss her?), sy were usually right on target with their choices of important cultural totems.
which is why i was puzzled as they became less and less interesting right around this lp. why ingest all that great stuff, and come out with pop?

and while i'm obviously against nostalgia tours, i admit i might be tempted if they were doing bad moon rising... when that came out, i had a technics linear turntable with a repeat button, and i'd listen to side 1 all night.

i had AWESOME dreams.

Hell's Donut House

Harvey Pekar
Dennis Wilson
Joni Mitchell (definitely)
Blixa Bargeld
Nastassja Kinski
(also footage from MC5 "KOTJ" promo film)

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