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July 27, 2007


Brian C.

I read that John Blowers was (Jamestown founder's) James Prendergast's "hired man". Nice work if you can get it!


Woah! Manifest destiny in effect! I had no idea these monuments were widespread. Or even that they exissted.

Goyim in the AM

Mary Blowers' first mixed-race child had been born a year or two previously, thus necessitating the move to Jamestown.


Now that's a LOT of white babies!

Dale Hazelton

When you consider the white man's embracing of "manifest destiny" and his urge to expand into the western frontier (as Chautauqua County certainly was then), it's easy to understand why a caucasian child being born on land that was taken from the Red Heathen was cause to celebrate. It's undoubtedly more interesting than Lucille Balls birthplace, no?


If this happened in Kansas, why does the marker indicate this monument is in New York?

Try harder next time.


Plaque clearly says New York at the top. Why would you say Kansas?


Perplexed - you live up to your name. Sounds like the sign was FOUND in Kansas, but was from NY.

Charlie Smith

As a person that's worked for the New York State Education Department history board... I immediately recognized this sign as a New York State History Marker and then read Kansas... and went "that's not a Kansas marker," which I've visited that state and they're not the same. So either this marker was transported to Kansas or this is a very odd Photoshop job. This marker is for Jamestown, NEW YORK, just south of Buffalo, not Kansas.


to the perplexed

yep, it is Clearly NY
I just used this image to go with the story and the link 'caus I couldn't find the Kansas one -
sorry if this confused you all
click on the link in the post and see other images I could have used

Chris R.

I was the first white child born to my parents. Where's my marker?!


Do you know where in Kansas the sign was seen? Could you find out?

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