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July 16, 2007



Remember pirate radio? All webcasters should unite and just say NO WAY, WE WON'T PAY. Heck, they can't sue everyone. Do it in protest. Do this as a way of saying BITE ME! They have already turned commercial radio into such unbelievable slop! Piss on 'em. You guys should all unite into a union, as it were, and just don't pay these greedy pigs one red cent. ---end of rant---


I would look at this as a great opportunity to feature Independent artists and promote creative commons type approaches to "copyright." As Chris mentioned, commercial radio is shite anyway. The time for a revolution is now. Shit, we should be celebrating. If you listen carefully you can hear the last gasps of old world media dinosaurs dying.


I'm glad that things are still moving and WFMU is still on my compy. I called my people and I hope it made the teeniest bit of difference.


Liz, is NPR representing WFMU in ongoing negotiations? If not, who is? My concern is that NPR is going to cut a deal for NPR member stations and independents will be left on their own to negotiate with SoundExchange. Unified seams to be the best way for all streamers to get a fair deal.

Station Manager Ken

Chime - NPR is not negotiating on behalf of non-NPR stations. We're also members of the intercollegiate broadcasting system (IBS) who is actively involved in negotiations with SoundExchange. But I don't have any expectation that anything SoundExchange agrees to will actually help us, or any other webcaster for that matter. This is why we are proactively seeking waivers from artists and record labels, an approach that's been very succesful for us. It's also why we're working hard to create the Free Music Archive, a free online music and sound library that SoundExchange will have no say over.

Krys O.

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System? I'm curious how the station can still be associated with that group if there is no college behind FMU. Ken? 'splain, please.

Brian Collins

Who needs the IBS when you have the IBJ?

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