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August 03, 2007



Captain Beefheart's Long Neck Bottles would fit the bill as well.


WOAH fehlfarben!


"In Heaven There Is No Beer" - a traditional Czech folk song. A must have on the all-time beer tunes list. Sorry, I couldn't find a (free) mp3...

Brian C.

Is it just me or are these links all busted? Too bad! They look grand.

Listener James from Westwood

How 'bout Mario Lanza's "Drink, Drink, Drink" from The Student Prince? "Ein, zvei, drei, vier / Lift your stein and drink your beer!"


i stumbled a while ago over this website -
not really songs about beer, but songs to be sung while drinking (a good amount of) beer.
attention - some songs are, hm, not very classy...
so these rather fit the after after party.


I find your lack of Irish drinking songs disturbing.


Hi will: the Beefheart is a fine suggestion, thanks! All fine suggestions welcome.
Hi Frank: YEAH, Fehlfarben! Excellent drinking music too, and what a great album cover.
Hi zim: I had to opt out of "In Heaven There is no Beer" in favor of "Beers In Heaven", for what I figure is an obvious reason.
Hi Brian C.: hmmm, all the links I've tested are working fine. Are any of them taking you to WFMU realaudio archives?
Hi LJFWW: a fine suggestion, thanks!
Hi dkb: thanks for the link!
Hi Michael: "disturbing" seems a funny term here. What's so great about Irish drinking songs? Am I being insensitive by not pandering to a cultural stereotype? I've also avoided German oompah crap - it's just Bad Music!


Reel Big Fish's Beer is another great one.

The Contrarian

I think 'Ain't Got the Money to Pay for this Drink' by George Zimmerman & the Thrills has something to do with beer.


i think "hefeweizen, schrei" (where 'hefeweizen' is a bayuvarian kind of beer and 'schrei' means scream) would fit the scheme as well. it's available on a sampler by the german indie-label trikont.


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