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August 02, 2007



These women are AMAZING!! holy crap!!
you made my week.


This is demented genius, yet somehow very sweet. I love it!

J Plant

I would love the 2003's entire album of "picking up girls made easy". That would be most beautiful.


Download the insanity in it's entirety...

Big Queenie

Thanks Uncle Bri and otis, this is tremendous! WFMU has played one track by the Dezurik sisters, but this is the motherlode! Bless you all!


I would love to hear the whole album of 03-29 088 Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney - Chips Of Wisdom

Dr. Benway

I'd really love the whole "Soundies" broadcast. Either that or a different one! That was wonderful!!!!!!


oh i left her standin' there,
with a doo-dad in her hair,
but i guess she didn't care enough for me


If anyone has access to their appearance in 1940's "Barnyard Follies" (Republic Pictures) do tell!


upload some more stuff by the guy who did that "horny with a chick" song, plz? k thx bai

Anthony Dolphin

Many thanks for this, really transporting pieces of music. I have loved 'The Arizona Yodeler' for many years - it's available on Trikont's 'American Yodeling 1911-1946' amongst some other fine examples of mountain throat oscillation.

Liam Baldwin

Track 16, are you sure it's called "I Love A Little Whale"? Because it sure as hell sounds like they are singing "I Love little Willy" to me.

Nathan-Madonna Byers

Is there any more of George Garebedian and the awful trumpet of Harry Arms (i.e. beyond 2003's Hooray For Hollywood / Spanish Flea)?

David Chelsea

I'm a sucker for kid's records and corny novelties so I'd be happy to see full postings of the Tunetwisters (Nov 7), The Peter Pan Orchestra and Chorus (June 5) or the Casper LP (October 4).


For sure will post (in the next month):

MORE of George Garebedian and the awful trumpet of Harry Arms, along with a slew of Tijuana Brass Sounding bands on a day (in the works).

Casper's full album.

and will contact the original contributors to try to get other full recordings.

Bill Farrar

How about the entire "Music to Suffer by" album by Leona Anderson?


Dear lord, if you could post the entire Dean Milan album i would have a heart attack of love.


Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour

Yes, track 16 of the Cackle Sisters is the old song, "I Love Little Willie", not "I Love A Little Whale". Mixups like this are easy to misunderstand when you listen to old recordings. For years I thought the old Christmas song had the line, "While Shepherd's Washed Their Socks By Night". An elderly neighbor of mine asked me where in the Bible it talked about the "Sino". I asked her what she meant and she said, "Well, we always sang, "Jesus loves me, the sino", and I never knew what a "sino" was". Yep, ya gotta be careful when listening to some lyrics.


Track 16 is updated with the correct title "I Love Little Willie"


any more music by Gen Orange? the 2003 post mentioned an a-side, "My Treasure."

Armin Block

Hi, can somebody tell me if I can buy a CD of the Dezurik Sisters with all the Titles I found on that wonderful page...?

Thanks you very very much

Armin Block, Germany

Gordon Keitch


I too would like to buy a Dezurik Sisters CD if possible. Please let me know if I can.

jim klein

hello,happy to hear that everyone is enjoying the Dezurik sisters music.My name is Jim Klein I am the youngest son of maryjane DeZurik and Auggie Klein,and living in the chicago area.Thanks for the memories. If anyone knows how I could obtain a CD of their music please let me know. Jim Klein

Janice Mainiero

Hello, everyone! At my brother's advice, I looked up this site, and am compelled to write to you, also. I am Mary Jane DeZurik's and Augie Klein's oldest child and only daughter, Janice Marie. I, too, still reside in the Chicago area and am elated to hear about the many fans who still want to listen to our Mom's and Aunt's unique style of music! As my brother, Jim Klein, has requested, I, too, would love to have a CD of all 32 recordings from the Checkerboard Time Radio Show. We are also looking for a copy(s) of the movie "Barnyard Follies". If anyone out there knows how we can obtain this movie, please let us know. Unfortunately, our Mom, Mary Jane, and our Aunt Carolyn, didn't have any records of their songs, nor did they have a copy of the movie they performed in. Please let us know! We appreciate and thank you in advance for any information you can give us about this. Happy Holidays!

Dale Muehlbauer

Hello every one, my dad, Max Muehlbauer lives in Little Rock Mn, 9 miles east of Roylton, he loved to see the sisters perform locally whenever he could and got to know the girls father very well, dad says if you think the girls could yodel you should have heard Joe, but it was hard to get him to, I too would love to get a copy of the movie barnyard follies, thank you, and a big thank you Duzurick sisters family for the memories

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