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August 02, 2007



My mother-in-law is in poor health and sang the Dezurik sister's songs with her sister Dorothy. She has asked me to get a tape or CD of their music and I have been unable to locate one. If anyone can help me fulfill her wish, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you, Sandi

Junn Lamarca

It's been a year now looking were I can get some information about Carolyn de Zurik recordings specially the "You, You, You Are the One" which popularized in the Philippines I got a copy of her 45 records before but when i moved to Canada i lost the record.
Please can anyone give me some information when is the song released
Thank You very much



Hello, Can someone tell me where i can go to license one of the Dezurik Songs? I thinking they wrote I Left Her Standing There? A friend and I are reviving them (the Henriettas) - you can find us on Youtube. Nell Robinson

tim h

Thanks so much for putting this up.

Shirley Hams.

I want a copy of The Dezurick Sisters Cd and Movie also.

Shirley Hams.

I too am also chasing a copy of the Cd and Movie of the Dezurik Sisters.


Does this have an album cover of any kind?

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