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August 16, 2007



The king may be gone, but he is not forgotten. Here is an Elvis video jukebox:


Bill Farrar

Please post the entire album. Three songs are not enough!


Give us the rest, please!


HOLY SH!T-- most unbelievable hair-do ever. Wig? or real?

My Elvis story: In college a friend gave me a velvet Elvis. I hung it in my dorm for a year. Then at graduation, I carried it during the procession, and when the president of the school handed me my diploma (worst money I ever spent) I handed him the velvet Elvis. Hilarious.

You can't get new velvet Elvis's anymore (thanks to the litigation of the Presley family), but the image of that velvet Elvis I owned is still burned in my head. I could see very clearly that it was made from a stencil, spray-painted onto the "velvet." Well, recently I was at a flea market and was admiring some velvet "Native American" paintings (Indian braves on horses, on foot, hunting, etc.)-- one was a "squaw" looking wistfully into the sky, and there in the sky was the ghost of her Indian brave, and his face looked very familiar-- IT WAS THE ELVIS STENCIL retooled as an Indian warrior ghost!


yes. you are killing us. the brilliance is manifest. the time is past due. so far past due that the time is probably up. but thats ok. hit us with the rest. we won't hit back. we will be too crippled by the brilliance that is past due. maybe too past due. so past due that its likely....oh you get it.


Ok, I just listened to em again. My record collection to hear Nick Cave sing "Elvis Was the Biggest Thing" in that really over-the-top melodramatic voice of his. Oh my god. I would just bury myself.

Sammy Reed

Thanks to all involved for putting the whole album on!

Dr. Benway

This is funny. About a week before, a friend digitized his collection of Elvis tribute records which he put on three CD's totaling 75 songs.

Sammy Reed

Leave it to Royal Master to have multiple songs on the same albums using the same backing music.
Songs I've found using the same music are:
"The Legend of Elvis Presley", "When Elvis Left Graceland", "The King of Rock N Roll" and "Forever in our Hearts"

"Elvis is Truly Home", "To Our King", and "E.L.V.I.S."

"Dear Lord, Please Take Care of Him" and "Letter to Elvis"

Sammy Reed

Egads - In "Forever in Our Hearts", Jim Ward sounds oddly like a reverend preaching a eulogy!


I just heard a nice tribute song you may not have heard here:


Hey, an Elvis-might-still-be-alive-song! Thanks shards, that's awesome.

Robert Fisher

Hello Jim & Alex,

I would like to know if Royal Master Records would be interested in doing a new gospel cd with one of the singer songwriter artist on the album called "To Elvis: Love Still Burning" The album sold over 250,000 copies in the U.S.

If you want to see the album go to and type in the search area, Love still burning tribute. You can click on the photo to make it bigger.

I wrote and sang one of the songs called, What Will We Do Without You. I am still performing my website is The website is just started and will be completed within a month.

The email is not really a blog just a request to Royal Master Records.

Have a successful day,


Stuart Shea

The ASMPA archives haven't been updated for several years, unfortunately, since Phil Milstein stepped back from the project, so it's hard to know just what has been 'discovered' in the intervening years.


Dr Benway's correct I did put them Elvis tribute 45's on a CD set...but I also did them as a podcast, here's the link



Wish I knew which song has a long spoken intro about his funeral and "a long stemmed red rose" and features the line "Elvis has gone, to join his mother, in a mansion in the sky, 'cos Jesus new he loved her, so it was time to say goodbye"...

Patrick Murphy

I'm truly hoping that this particular post gets some 'hits' because I am desperately trying to find the following Elvis tribute songs - some are on the 'To Elvis: Love Still Burning' LP (which I can find, but I don't have @ $300 lying around for a piece of vinyl at this point in time) - mp3 links are fine, since I collect the music and not necessarily the vinyl copies themselves. This is what I'm after:

Daddy Bob - 'Welcome Home Elvis'
Jenny Nicolas - 'Elvis'
George Owens - 'The Gate'
Brenda Joyce - 'To Elvis With Love'
George Pickard - 'Elvis, The Man From Tupelo'
Wilgus J.C. Rayner - 'My Heart's Content (Goodbye From The King)'
Tink Grimmett - 'A Tribute To Elvis'
Eldorado - 'Just For You Dad'
Don Todd - 'I Dreamed Elvis Sang My Song'
Joy Ford - 'Only Six Feet Away'
Red Sovine - 'The King's Last Concert'

and, finally, this one is a full-length album:

The Wild Honey Singers - 'A Child's Introduction To Elvis Presley'

PLEASE help me...I've been searching for these for almost 20 years, and have had absolutely zero luck. Thanks!

Patrick Murphy
[email protected]

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