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August 20, 2007


Dr. Benway

I speak for nearly all vinyl "newbies" when I say that EVERYONE I know whom starts collecting vinyl starts out with Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. This bronze doorbell prize will be the highlight of my listening rotation for at least the next couple months.


oh god


Fantastic. Nice Job!!!

Yes - Herb RULES my vinyl collection also Dr. Benway.

Have a listen to Herb Alpert Re-whipped when you get a chance.


haha, this is great. more spanish flea than anybody could ever need. i'm very curious to know the story behind the "harry arms" tracks. his detuned, poorly played trumpet is indeed one of the most unpleasant sounds i've yet heard. what on earth would possess them to record an entire album of that? even as a novelty record, i can't imagine anyone wanting more than a couple of his songs. after half of one song, it goes from amusing to excruciating! ... can the contributor, or anybody else, enlighten me as to the origin of that atrocity?


can we put all 100 in one zip file with a link to download? would make a lot easier.....

Walter Brennan

I shecond that! - pity these gnarly ol' finger joints!


excellent new flash feature folks!


denys - i don't have too much information on harry arms. only thing i know about are all of the george garabedian produced tijuana brass albums i have seen. george had his hands in many pies and i speculate (far fetched guess) that the harry arms album is a comedic attempt like the sour cream and other delights record that was put out. i wonder which came first?

ZIP file - will check into it (as it's double storage for files and zip, so went with files for easy listening one by one). For now, if you are using firefox, check out downloadthemall - it's a time saver extraordinaire.


Gracias, Senior!

Ted Hering

I believe most of George Garebedian's releases (until he branched out into old radio shows on LP) were premiums to be given away to customers of various national products and fast food outlets. As such, they seem to have been made "on the cheap." (What do ya expect for free?)


Oh glorious day!!!

Listener Kliph

Another good one to add to this collection would be a forgotten Nashville based comedian of the nineteen sixties named Don Bowman and his marijuana themed takes on Tijuana Taxi and Mexican Horns on the Chet Atkins produced LP From Mexico with Laughts Featuring the Tijuana Drm and Bugle Corps.

Listener Kliph

I forgot to mention that Don Bowman appeared in the country music drive-in movie Hillbillys in a Haunted House.

Hellbound Alleee

Bless you and thank you so much for this wonderful share. It will have to be a podcast.

Jim Krelbourn

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for the "Harry Arms" stuff for years! My brother played me a cassette of this music about 21 years ago and I literally fell on the floor laughing! He will be thrilled to learn of this site!


Amazing! Thank you thank you.


Thank you for this fantastic collection of music. I am listening to Harry Arms murdering "Winchester Cathedral" as I type and the tears of laughter are streaming down my face. Mr Arms' trumpet will soon be making an appearance as my new cellphone tone. Fantastic stuff indeed. I am going to have hours of fun with this.


Killer concept, killer execution! Many thanks!!!

Hugh Petfield

There is a great budget album here in England entitled "A Tijuana Christmas" which is worth a listen. :)


I was wondering could you upload more of the Tijuana Christmas Border Brass album, I LOVE THAT ALBUM...I want to get it on cd actually. But they don't see it. You should really consider uploading entire album to Limewire. If you did, I would be eternally grateful. Then I wouldnt have to fight my parents for it.


Great stuff! Thanks so much!

bob knack

The one nobody ever mentions is a 45 RPM I have by Jimmy Sedlar called "Judith". It's a tiawannabee sound to be sure and a pretty good record.


If you get a chance, grab a copy of "Monterey Brass - Christmas Brass." It is the best non-TJB Christmas Album I've ever heard. I transferred it to CD from a virgin LP if you are interested.


How can I download these? They look wonderful, but I can't seem to figure out how. Right click, left click, nothing is working. It only opens up a new tab and plays the track. Please help. Great looking site, by the way.

zelda panda

simply WOW

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