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August 21, 2007



I have that Casper LP. It's a classic example of cheap quickie children's entertainment, or unattainment if you will. None of the songs have anything to do with Casper and most of them aren't about making believe. Clearly they just had some cheesy songs and a license to make a Casper LP. Add a voice performer who a) is obviously an adult woman, not a little boy (or a ghost for that matter), and b) can't act, and you have an instant classic.

Several years ago I used clips from "I'm a Train" and "Motorcycle Policeman" in an allegedly humorous audio chop-job which is still sitting around online:


Sorry for the double post, but listening to the tracks, the Casper and Down By The Station albums share two identical recordings. "I'm A Train" is on both, and Casper's "I'm A Little Helicopter" is the same as "The Happy Helicopter".

Now THAT'S cheap!

Corey K.

I've had "Chocolate Train" since childhood, but on a Peter Pan Records 45, as the side two to an "Alphabet Song," and without any of the narration about Mighty Mouse and such, but otherwise, what you've posted today is a truncated version of the exact same recording. I presume "Tinkerbell" is another imprint of the same company that gave us "Peter Pan" and the label with the "Frankie Stein and His Ghouls" tracks...

I've got a bunch of fun Peter Pan stuff I'd like to share. I'm guessing you need to be invited to submit to the 365 project, since I can't find any submission info... ?


You don't have to be invited - just drop a line to and he'll sort you with the details.

That "Your First Year In High School" record sounds like the soundtrack to a filmstrip! You can hear the *dings* when you're supposed to scroll to the next scene. Filmstrip scroller - a coveted job at my school.

Listener Kliph

I Am A Truck? Casper covers Red Simpson!?

Cheese Snob Wendy

When I was 5 my family moved across the street from a family whose little girl had an LP with "The Chocolate Train" on it. We played it again and again and again. About 8 years ago my friend miraculously burned a disc for me with "The Chocolate Train" on it - little did he know! And 20 years later, I still knew about 95% of the words.


Oh my gosh - thank you so much! You have the chocolate train! I have the 45 at home from when I was a kid but I wanted it on cd - now I can have it! Oh thank you thank you thank you! (yes I am a dork!)


Thank you so much for being here.. I loved the chocolate train when i was little and i have a grandson who is five months old and loves choo choo sounds.. and yes remember every word. I really think the happy train was on the other side of my record.. i could be wrong though.. anyway.. no one I know remembers the song.. so thank you again..


i'm so excited about the chocolate train. my grandmother recently passed away and she used to sing that song to me all the time. now i sing it to my two baby girls. thank you!

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