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August 27, 2007


fatty jubbo

hilarious write-up! those cretins all look like they just layed some turds in their rented elvis suits. this record certainly causes some non-sexing genital dry-up but still makes me want to flap around and piss on myself.


you're right, this is awful. i'd like to cover them.

Scott Mercer

Mediocre, barely acceptable musicianship. Weak, turgid vocals. Equals unfortunate cocktail lounge entertainment. They look like they all need a Viagra, but have to wait 20 years til it's invented. England Dan and John Ford Homely.

Neal Snow

"Who-a who-a bay-bee, let's dance the night a-way...who-a who-a..."

Good gawd, that's awful.

Sammy Reed

For some reason, this piano riff played at different times in "I Don't Want to Hurt You" sounds like something out of a horror movie to me.


The Average Shite Band. Flippin' heck this lot are awesome! You have more bad disco? Feel free to post some more any time, I wanna make a crap disco party tape and get down with my lay-dee. . .


This may be the worst thing i have ever heard.


you're all a bunch of fucking shit heads. i was so happy when i found this! i had only been able too find two of there songs. the singer you want to choke so damn bad is my grandpa who died in May 2012. it sounds fine its from '77 what do you want ass hole?

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