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August 29, 2007



Guys, I've gotta say, the quality of 365 Days has been dropping dramatically lately. It's gone from every entry being "LOL AWESOME! SO DOWNLOADING!" to, like, "hey, here's an album with a sort of weird cover...heh" That love letter dumpster cassette posted not too long ago was amazing. Opened you to something amazing that you would never hear otherwise, which is what 365's all about. Let's bring it back up to scratch, eh? I know there's enough in the vaults to do so :D -- art


C'mon Art don't be so mean, it's supposed to reflect varied tastes and there's some good stuff here. How about you offering up something? Give us the benefit of your collection.

I think Marianne and Filip are where it's at in a whining, Skanda Krisp-munching sort of way. Not exactly folk, not exactly Christian, but something in between. And something to listen to to while away those oh-so-long dark nights in Sweden. Change The Bombs For Bread. How pertinent is that? Are you listening Dubya!


I hear what you're saying Art. This ain't breathtakingly bad, it's just extremely naff. But if it induces a cringe from somebody somewhere i think it's worth posting. i think all contributors worry about whether what they put forwards is 'suitable' or not, it's a narrow line to walk I think.

Berra L.

When I saw "The Producers" with Uma Thurman doing the role of Ulla from Sweden, I thought to myself "Funny, but I don´t think anybody pronounces english THAT bad". Listening to this album I stand corrected... Ulla does exist and her real name is Mia Marianne. Thank you!

The Scion

Mia Marianne & Per Filip were quite popular with the Xian crowd here in Sweden, as proved by the tons of albums of theirs now littering every, and I mean EVERY, flea market all over the country! They've turned into a kind of joke among record hunters, and serve well as a yardstick for anything twee beyond belief.

Nathan the care for roses guy

The song reminds me a little like Mary Black with keltic influences, she also has a deep rose song of love and the thorns of the rose. This song is a strong message of hope and the
beauty of roses even in another place, Heaven. It may be a little slow for some but worth listening to it for sure and hearing the words and the meaning.

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