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August 30, 2007


Red Neckerson

Wayne cut quite a name for himself in Arkansas during that time. He was the rally cry for farmers throughout the state and for several months was on the news most every night. I had not heard this disc but do own another tribute record released on Alley an Arkansas label that had ties to Country music/X Radio station performer Wayne Raney. Among certain areas of the state you can mention Wayne's name and farmers stand up, remove their hats and sing The Battle Hymm of The Republic.

Ryan Patrick

Thank you so much for posting these songs. I owned this 45 when I was a kid and I wore it out. I haven't heard these songs in 25 years. What a great surprise!

Sammy Reed

I'm looking at this again, and for gosh sake: "a goodly amount of fellow farmers"? HUH? Couldn't I have found some other words to use? Anyway...

As the man who made this submission to the project, I hope I can mention this and not be considered "spam" - too much, anyway.

I am planning on bringing back my online show, "Music from the World of the Strange and the Bizarre". Last year, I discontinued the show because I decided I would "grow up", and I got rid of other things too - which turned out to be a more immature decision than things would've been if I just left things alone.

I sold all the 45's in my collection, although I still had a couple of 45's I bought at a flea market that I didn't do anything with. I sold a sizeable chunk of my albums. But looking through my albums now, I found I still have a lot of them. I still have a lot of "soundalike" albums, and quite a few kiddie albums (not the "Star Trek" stories, though). I still have the "Cross and the Switchblade" soundtrack album, and others that I played songs from on the show. I also still have a great deal of my production library albums.

I'm building up another 45 collection, and I'm getting some more albums - including (here's a sneak peek) the Nashville Country Singers gospel album (Yes, the "thunderbolts of long duration" group did a gospel album). I've got a few Bobbi Blake 45's, and for the first time, a couple of Norm Burns 45's!

This time, I hope to do more digging into my collection instead of playing the same 10-or-so songs over again, as I wound up doing after awhile on the first show.

I plan on bringing it back on June 29th. Go to for any other details that may crop up.

Until then, "Go out & make it a great life!"

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