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August 25, 2007



Where do you find these snapshots from dirty Archie comics? Is there some sort of database?

Zach in Philly

Man, I'm feeling really self-concious, now. I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning, look in the mirror, and recite, "A 'spare tire' is never a joke! I think s/he really likes you and I wouldn't 'spare' anytime getting rid of the 'spare tire'!"
Eh, maybe it'll take.
Yet another gem clip there!~ Speaking of spare tires: pffffffft!

Dale Hazelton

Suely, the joke is in the dialog balloon. It makes me wonder if Archie Comics turned any young lads on to BEAT OFF other guys. I can't imagine Sgt. Rock doing that....maybe Sad Sack.


Dave-You can find a few dirty Archie images amongst the other filth at

Dale Hazelton

Thanks! Some of those are a hoot. You gotta wonder if the writers/artists actually intended some of the innuendo, sorta like PeeWees Playhouse (PeeWee mounts a rocket in the Magic Slate, says "I hope we're not going to Uranus.")


I'm guessing the picture came from or some similar site.

Doug O

How about these:

emily jacob

cute and awesome i luv archie comics

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