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August 12, 2007



Great quote at the YouTube link:

The Guardian (UK) obituary quotes Lee Hazlewood as instructing Nancy to lower her register and sing this song "like a 16-year old girl who fucks truck drivers".

. . . And whose father is Frank Sinatra!

Andy Krunt

How about the oh-so not faithful Operation Ivy rendition? You should really check it out, kids.


These boots, summer wine and SAND, are my favorite songs by Lee and Nancy. It's nearly ten years ago, that I plan to "remix" these tracks. I know I would never get them better, but turn it to something different. well, only these boots are reworked so far. I've used just a very basic and little sampler by roland (MS-1?!) try to make some loopy loops that fits and recorded on my 4-track recorder. the result is a grinding, swinging, loopy track.
and this is the right time to share this, before it will rotten on my harddrive.
greetings - m.
marcus murkes - these boots are made for looping - mp3

Resident Clinton

Whew. At least you didn't post that terrible Kon Kan song from the late 80s. Whoops! I went and did it! Oh, the pain...


gypsy boots and mrs. miller are my favorites from the list above. great!
I wonder that "sand" has not so much focus. This track made me interesting in sixties music, years ago, because I was smashed by the backwards guitar and the noises in a popsong. m


this is a Belgian (French) version by a 'group' called Jealous Boots - the song's called 'Tu crois être un homme' (You think you're a man) - from an obscure CD of covers all covered with fancy titles and band names, for copyright reasons (and amusement) i think. Title of cd: 'la vie est un combat en 31 reprises', production Byjar Moccy, Le Seau et la Pelle, 2002.

511 boots

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