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August 08, 2007


fatty jubbo

that Jordache one is demented.


There's an UNKLE track in their album Psyence Fiction called "Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field of Artist Management" that features extended samples from the first commercial.


The Ballbuster one was used as a track on the cd Psyence Fiction, by Unkle in 1998. The track was called Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field Of Artist Management. I had my doubts as to whether or not it was real, it just couldn't be...


I'm surprised the green "poison your kid with this" stickers didn't last.


It sure sounds like the narrator for "Ball Buster" is the same guy as the "AFSCME" outtake."Ball" is said the same way in both. I'd quote the latter, but I don't think there's a full sentence in it that isn't filthy.

Mark Kruger

You can still get Mr. Yuk stickers:


Thanks for posting these! Our household has currently been in a frenzy trying to find a video of the Ritz Thrift Shop commercial.It aired in the NY tri-state area. Not very surreal but a fond childhood memory.


That mum in the Ballbuster ad is hot! What a saucy wink.


It was worth getting out of bed this morning for that Pole Position ad.

Scott Mercer

Who remembers another commercial with chimpanzees, for a lame kid's game called "hawaiian ring toss"? The jingle was the melody for "Ta ra ra boom de ay"


This message is for Elisabeth who is looking for THE RITZ THRIFT SHOP commercial. Check out our website and send me an email


Where can I see a video of The Ritz Thrift shop commercial that ran in the mid 1970's until 1988?
Please repond and thanks!

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