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August 03, 2007



my favorite performance of hers was the cmj conference in 88... we were standing out in the hall listening to her slag off everyone in the room, when she goes off about daring someone coming up to fuck her with a condom. we looked in to see her baiting the crowd; my drink-addled memory is of her kneeling on the table, waggling her bare ass at the audience. some guy made it all the way to the stage, pants down, and then ran off.
;serious industry folk' were so PISSED at her for ruining their nice little circlejerk. tho i have to say the psychodrama at the end got talked about more by the layfolk.

knowing me and my friends of that era, it is possible i hallucinated the whole week, so please feel free to correct the details...

i later saw her perform in austin (94?5?) and while i wasn't always enamored of the stuff she did with jones, her voice is always riveting. can't wait to see what this tour is all about.


Comparatively new to anything besides WDHA, I haven't seen Diamanda Galas perform yet. I did hear she was going to play soon; thanks Brian Turner for facilitating my going to one or more of these shows.

It's amazing to me that she was able to perform Plague Mass. It's emotionally wrenching just to listen. A little awkward on the bus at times to say the least.
Having seen ActUp from the outside back in those days and nowadays being friendly with some of the organizers who survived that era it seems the intensity of that piece rings true in a way that only some music even attempts, much less achieves.

HIV is still prevalent in the prison system and is now joined by Hep C, flesh eating bacteria and resistant TB. Simply because the folks suffering may not have the same access to graphic design studios for their agit-prop, don't think for a minute that the issue is closed.

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