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August 17, 2007



Plop comes from Belgium, a bi lingual dwarf country
but never the less these speak the Dutch lingo.

these plopperdeplop guys are the teletubbies here they even got a own recrationpark. loved the short tx!

Barry Soma

When will the US become a bilingual dwarf country? It's everything I've ever wanted us to be.


This tickles my Dutch brain!

Hoi Hema!


Translation: More of this please.


hoi blues ,het attentionhoertje van de brugklas.
wat is er keerl, je halve redactie loopt al met een wfmu shirtje van ondergetekende.
Hebbie hits neudig mien jong of wil ie ook zon kek t shirtje, mot ik ff kieke of ik XXX large hep liggen?
hemaworst levert .nl wél op tijd moahahahaa.


Here's another funny one


Lol Nice vid. make some more please, its realy good!


as a friend of mine once said, "dutch isn't so much a language as it is a throat infection."

Holland Oats

sounds like heino


Not many FMU listeners -- at least not 91.1 listeners -- can make this statement, but: I know a lot of Dutch people. Long story. Anyway, some of them are easily offended, but rest assured that at least one or two of them will find this permalink in the ol' inbox.


They're not Dutch dwarfs, they're Belgian dwarfs. I'd even say that they are Flemish dwarfs (though they are shown every morning on Dutch TV). Anyway, I've never seen so much Kabouter Plop in my life as today.

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