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August 19, 2007



haha, thanks to bring that old GDR stuff to the world!!!

you know, members of KEKS are now the clowns of KNORKATOR??

knorkator - buchstabe
knorkator - Böse (evil) * take a look at the comments where the german lyrics are translated
Knorkator - Try Again (Live At Wacken 2004)
Knorkator - Ma Baker (Sepultura feat. Scissor Sisters)


hope you will enjoy these guys a little bit. it's not really (or not only) a parodie of rammstein.
best m.

marcus !!!

The Original Larry

I love the way the guitar player shreds on this track. They were really ahead of their time. If only the band could have kept the momentum in this song instead of falling apart every minute...


nice Job!

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