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August 06, 2007


Listener Kliph

Al Casey: Guitars, Guitars, Guitars!


Yes, he died of cancer. How nice to show him enveloped in cigarette smoke.

Mike Lupica

That picture's on his website. I don't think Lee was out to kid anybody.

Lewis E Gilbert

One of my prides of parenting is that my daughter (12yo) has an opinion about Lee Hazlewood (positive generally). One of my pleasures in life has been discovering him (Dolly Parton's Guitar) and his many influences through my listening to WFMU and other musical wanderings.

RIP Lee...


The above paragraph makes it sound like there is something shameful about Lee being remembered for his work with Nancy Sinatra. I've enjoyed his solo outings, but feel that once Lee & Nancy hit with "Boots," Lee saved his best musical ideas - songs, production -- for his collaborations with her, and that those records were the pinnacle of his unique vision. Anyway, I’ll always cherish the memory of Nancy’s 1995 comeback tour, with full, live and very tasteful band (including Wrecking Crew keyboardist Don Randi), and some great duets with Lee…never thought I’d get to witness that! Lee’s lovably cantankerous/surly presence at the post-show meet-and-greet was just the icing on the cake. Thank you Lee AND Nancy!

La bUze

Sad new...
He called his last lp "Cake or Death"...
Respect !

Leo Percepeid

one of the saddest days to music

Bill Acree

Lee smoked until just days before he died. Smoking is not what killed him.Lee without his smokes would'nt have been Lee.

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