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August 29, 2007



wow! Clinton! seriously nice post! I've seen this film a few times and it's always a pleasure..
Anyone who hasn't seen this yet is really in for a treat! Thanks!

David Patty

I was always fond of the trash-can dance number, myself...


Some years back I bought a bootleg VHS copy of Skidoo on eBay (apparently dubbed from a rare late-night broadcast on a New York TV station) and a few months ago transferred it to DVD. As Kevin Spacey said in American Beauty, "I rule!"

Vic Perry

That Paul Krassner essay! Everybody read it. Right now.

Kip W

A week or two back, the whole thing was available at either YouTube or DailyMotion. Can't remember which (darn acid!).


Great post. Love Skidoo. You should have included a link for the Nilsson blog, For The Love Of Harry.

funny, just watched it last night via quicksilverscreen


You should also check out my site devoted to SKIDOO ephemera as I'm sadly known as the world's expert on this amazing film...

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