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August 06, 2007


Krys O.

Graham Kerr's cooking tips on the Negativland track are still in use in my kitchen to this day! One of my favorite rekkids.


that's "Ghost Rider", not "Frankie Teardrop", and I guess because it's in a Spanish-speaking country they dont care what the lyrics are about.

Barrett Golding

this came out on CD too; out-of-print now but i have a copy. you want a rip of the CD trax for posting?

Norton Zenger

So I take it next up somebody's gonna cough up a post of "Beets"?


I was lucky to buy the vinyl version from Ralph way back when, then about three years back I snapped the cd copy offa Ebay. I distinctly remember listening with amazement to the vinyl, Haul on the bowline stucking in my head for days and days. Come to think of it, I¨ll hang up in the air a little plea of mine, if I may. Remember Renaldo and loaf and the Residents ¨Title in limbo¨, it was similarelly as Potatoes pressed on cd in about 1989 in very limited numbers, impossible to get now. One of the best records the Residents had a hand in so far, is there any chance you can put it up on your site with songs in mp3. Hope so, anyway, it was well worth a try, no two ways about it.

Keep up the good work and hope the summer is treating all of you well.


Thanks for the Maria Marquez & Frank Harris track. If you could find the album Ralph put out of theirs, would LOVE it! I had a track of theirs from one of the "Buy or Die" 7"'s called "Compensina". I miss that song.

Listener Oddio Katya

Was working for them when this was in production, and was given a silkscreened POTATOES potato sack. It is LP sized, and to this day it hangs framed in the Oddio House kitchen. Did the general release (LP in paper sleeve and jacket) come in these burlap sacks? Is this yet another limited edition Uncle Willie's Eyeball Buddies item? What IS this thing? Thanks.

Hell's Donut House

Just because I love the song so much, here's "Canto Del Pilon" again, this time ripped from CD:

Hell's Donut House

If I remember correctly, the burlap sack was a limited-edition thing made exclusively for Ralph's mail-order fanatics. I think the LP for that version was the potato-brown vinyl mentioned above.


I have a copy of Beets if needed


Thanks! I've ripped my lp to mp3, but am looking forward to the extra tracks that I don't have on the lp.

Rick Garcia

Wow, I've been trying to hunt this down for years. 15 years ago, I filled in for the overnight shifts at KOTR in San Luis Obispo with my "pal" Gretchen, and would occasionally torture the insomniacs with "The Billy Bee Song" or "My Hometown". I've played this several times since I downloaded it. Like a potato, if you put it in a dark place it just starts to grow on you.


let's get Beets Jazz Songs on the interwebs please

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