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August 01, 2007



Er, the reunion shows were a year ago this month, followed by a Vertebrats reunion in Champaign a month later. Sadly, I missed them both. But perhaps the power of WFMU can encourage the guys to do it again...


Whoops...sorry about getting that timeframe wrong SKM -- I fixed it!

Yeah, would love to see em in NYC.


I LOVE Embarrassment. Sex Drive is one of my favorite songs.


One of the Embos' reunion show encores last year was "I Wanna Be Your Dog"!


I went to the Embos' reunion show last year at Liberty Hall in Lawrence. It was a good time, but they had some trouble with the sound. As an added bonus, the Mortal Micronauts played a few songs.


from the band itself. big dipper reunion shows april 08


Yes, the reunion shows and a long-overdue 3-CD retrospective are coming. Scharpling's efforts were not in vain.

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