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August 23, 2007


Ayssa Manner

I went to Buff State from '79 to '83. How can one forget those Kenmorons? I remember the first show I went to was at The Masthead and it was George. We hated the show but Jimbo Freeland was in that band and he was dating this girl I knew from Long Island named Ivy (as in Poison). After that we were hooked and followed them about to all the bars. I saw both Pegasus and Electroman at McVan's. Kent Weber's mother was always in the audience, which I thought was just great. God, I hated the bathroom there. Scary. My favorite song was "Let's Stay Up and Party till 6 in the Morning". Even dated John Walters for a minute there, if he remembers. Before the British exchange students came. Does anyone remember Coffee Scare? Loved Terry and the Jumpers. Became quite good friends with Karen Landt. One particular memory was Rick James coming to The Continental to see Electroman play. I think he brought his mother with him as well. I guess Buffalo boys love their mums. Both Bob Weider and his look alike sister had classes with me. Never could tell them apart. Never did see The Fems play out. But used to buy their records at the record shop on Elmwood. Anyway, Aloha from an old fan of days gone by.


Oh yes, I remember seeing the Fems with my cousin on Halloween at the Continental - I bought the tape on the spot and still have it. I'm trying to find a way to digitize it and preserve it. It is a treasure. I'm afraid to put it in a tape player since it could get eaten. It is 18 years old. Pools of Black, Hit Me, Lou this on CD and you will sell 10,000 copies!


The Fems!! Yeah I have been looking for the original versions of these tunes for a long time. So many great shows at the Continental and other spots. Big heaps of gratitude for posting these tunes, especially the original versions. Right on and greetings from Seattle.

Mike Patterson

I did a google search for this song because I was looking for anyone who would remember a short lived radio show on WNYU in the early-mid 80's called "Life After Death"
It was a great source of hardcore an punk for me in my youth.
Did your friend Ken work that show? Also I wonder if there are recordings of those shows around anywhere.

Thanks, its was great to read these stories!!!


The Fems' single is apparently getting reissued by Drag City next month.

Mike Zimmer

Carl H --- ever find those videos of the Fems at the Continental? ... would love to see them ... can even help make a DVD.

Mike Z


I recently came across on old VHS tape I had of the Fems at the Continental performing on May 24,1987... I've digitized the tape and have started to post vids to Youtube...

Brian R. Bussom

Wow! I thought I'd never hear this song again! It's like it was just a pipe dream from my days of kickin' back doing bong hits with my buds while listening to all the newest music on WUWU. "107-7 WUWU. High atop WUWU Mountain in Weathersfield, East Aurora." I had a couple feet of wire and some coat hangers hooked to my antenna just so I could pull that station into my room in Macedon and it fueled many a late night stone-a-thon's. I couldn't find the Fems album anywhere and couldn't understand why the coolest song on the planet wasn't known by everyone and readily available at all of the record stores. I thought maybe they were just sold out of it. I ended up recording "Go To A Party" off the radio and playing it for anyone who'd listen. It was an instant hit among my cicle of friends. That cassette had a lot of mileage on it when I accidentally recorded over it and after WUWU was murdered I never heard that song again, until now. Thank you so much for that bit of notalgia!

Class of 86 KWSHS

I still have the Fems Ep tape I bought at the release party at the Continental. I am scared to have it converted to MP3 - some fool might ruin it. I may need to try after reading this blog. It was such a cool scene and I'm glad to have witnessed some of it. I love every Fems song and the Halloween party at the Continental was like nothing I have experienced since. My first vinyl rental from HOTH was Elvis Costello My Aim is True. Carried it in on my 10 speed all the way back to the Town.


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Found this thread on a whim as I was playing my copy of "Go to a party". I have such amazing memories of this song, because my Syracuse band in early 1980's, called Milton's Disciples, did a cover of the song every show.
Nothing to say other thank you to The Fems!!!
And that bassline is just amazing.

Ted Liscinski

So great to hear this song again, which was played on WPRB many times in the 80s. What a great station!


The legendary "Live At The Continental" release by The Fems is now available here:

Efrem José Cedillo

I actually heard this band played on WNUR Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois on the show called Fast N Loud. The 'Go To A Party' song was what I heard and I wanted to find this release since 1986 to add to my punk rock collection. I never found it because until today I thought this was the Violent Femmes. The radio DJ's said it was the Fems so naturally I thought the Violent Femmes turned Hardcore Punk. Boy am I a dweeb .. since 1986. LOL LMFAO BWA HA HA HA HA HA! I can rest in peace.

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