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August 12, 2007



Kliph, you are thee man! If I'm ever president, there's going to be a Department of Pop Culture, and I will personally go into the Capitol and twist senators' arms to ensure your confirmation as Secretary. Loved seeing Woody Allen talk-show-hosting Billy Graham (!!) and the endearing clockwork movements of the Beau Brummelstones. Never knew there was a Scatman Crothers version of "Nice Girl Like You", and it was a treat to hear that, too. Man, you just made my whole Sunday!


Wonderful article! I new there had to be a reason why I woke up this morning. Thanks!


Awesome article Kliph. Sorry folks that so many of my HBR files are down. I'm working on getting them back up and running though. Plus I have a few other HBRs listed here that I never did get around to sharing online before my stuff went AWOL. I hope to have all my files back up and running by the end of this month.


Another HBR artist was Gloria Tracy, who was both a singer and a harp player. Her LP of instrumental tracks where she plays the harp, "Gloria A-Glo" has liner notes by Art Linkletter, who was so enamored of her that she was invited as a guest on "House Party". That program aired on Valentine's Day 1966 and, though I don't recall ever watching it then (I just turned 11 around that time), I'd love to be able to see the color tape of it if it hasn't been wiped.


In an article in MOJO magazine about Vince Taylor of "Brand New Cadillac" fame several years ago, it was mentioned that he was related to either Hannah or Barbara by marriage & his trip to England to be a rock 'n roll star was financed by the in-law.


The music on the Cattanooga Cats album is outstanding! Clips
of the show with these songs are at YouTube...One Top Cat album had Daws Butler filling in for Arnold Stang (covered in a Beware of the Blog feature on Stang); Butler did his Hokey Wolf voice
(that character, like TC, was based on Phil Silvers).
I remember when the Jetsons movie came out in the 80s, a local
used record store prominently displaced multiple copies of
an older Jetsons release, "First Family On The Moon".


You can keep checking back on my blog to find shares of about 90% of all of the Hanna Barbera cartoon LPs, and all but 2 of the COLPIX TV LPs. Eventually (by end of this month I hope) I will have them all re-posted with new (working) links. I do have both of those LPs shared that AnthroCoon mentions. I have tried to acquire all of the HBR and COLPIX TV/cartoon LPs. The ones I don't have already have proven to be very elusive. My 5 grand-kids love listening to them. Just before bed time especially. Here's the link to the blog:


Duck 182

I have a promo copy of a 45 from that early 60's "Freddy FLintstone" Stone Age Rock, but my b-side is named "Bedrock Beat". If intereste, I can make scans of the label(it didn't come with a pic sleeve). Anyone know more about it?


All of the Hanna Barbera links shared here linking to my Children's Music & More Blog are fixed now.


Alrighty, I've got one for the useless info files....I recall borrowing a record from the library featuring HB voice talents called "Gold Pinky" or something to that effect. It was a James Bond spoof on Gold Finger (duh). Have never been able to find ANY info on this and most people look at me sideways when I try to describe it (should be used to that reaction as I get it for most everything actually). Does anyone have a friggin clue regarding this?? Thanks!


I finally figured out which LP Bessolo was talking about. It's on the HBR "Super Snooper James Bomb" LP. You can find it by clicking the "James Bomb starring Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse" link in the article above.


I have the Drop-Ins Vol 1 and I was wondering how much it was worth. If anybody has anymore info about this album it would be appreciated. Thanks Harry.

Jeannie Lindley

Actually, an LP soundtrack for the Hanna-Barbera special "Jack and the Beanstalk" (1967) starring Gene Kelly was released and you can find it if you know where to look. Good luck! ; )

Kerstin Norton

Are you looking for a 1966 copyright dated Winsome Witch, Pop goes the Weasel 45? I am in the market to sell one.

Thank you

Anon by choice

When it was still possible to find garage-punk 45s at garage sales, HBR was a label I'd grab reflexively. Great stuff. When I visited CA circa '81, a cousin of mine was "seeing" both a member of the Five Americans, and Erik Estrada, which got my pop-culture brain rather amused (she worked at NBC at the time).

Jeff Missinne

You mentioned the H-B "drop-in" record for DJS. I remember hearing at a radio station in the 70's a somewhat similar record probably from Warner Bros. (I say probably because I never saw the actual record; it was divvied-up onto cartridges.) The record featured Mel Blanc in his familiar voices; you heard a door open, Blanc would deliver a one-liner, then the door slammed. A couple I remember, Porky Pig wanting to be a d-d-de-d-d-de-disc jockey, and Yosemite Sam hollering "KILL THE POWER! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Someone told me it was called "Run-Ins" or "Run-Throughs," but I've never seen a copy anywhere nor any mention of it on line (including some very exhaustive WB discographies.) Anyone know what it is?

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