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August 22, 2007


Barrett Golding

Din Da Da is definitely a quirk-classic. Thanks for the vid. FYI, The Roots do a nice Din Da Da cover on their Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Roots, Vol. 2.

Kip W

What's interesting about "Come Dancing," (apart from the wonderful video itself) is that Ray's sister Rene gave him his first guitar, apparently for his 13th birthday, and on the night of that birthday, according to the BBC, "...died after a night at the dance hall."


the dancing mom video has a lot of positive comments. i'm surprised no one took the time to insult her. i almost did but then i figured her 5 friends that each viewed the video some 100 times would defend her.

Resident Clinton

Yeah, I just can't insult her because, frankly, she is having way more fun than I usually am. Besides, I like knowing that this sort of thing is taking place in the suburbs somewhere.


You hath found a video for "Din Daa Daa." You are my hero.

Kranz fan

Magic sticks was a great film and really hard to find. I found this on it

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