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August 22, 2007



another herbie the love bug link >


Can Wfmu get all these bands together for a nostalgia tour?
Maybe you could add a third category to the "Dinner/Disease" posts.
You know; "Is it Dinner, Disease or Orleans?"

Jon B

In Orleans' case, the message is clearly Vote For Me.


Hey, I'm just happy to see Man mentioned in BOTB. Maybe they knew 35 years ago that the nude cover would be the key?

Resident Clinton

Man, do I wish I was sitting in the office when you started thinking about this post! That said, I would recommend dancing naked around the living room while listening to Pablo Cruise, especially "Zero to Sixty in Five". I think that's what they were trying to encourage. But Man Revelation? How could their album covers NOT be nude.

Listener Kliph

I was just listening to that Elephant's Memory LP yesterday - how bout that!


My Eyes Are Burning!!!!!


Psycore - a grunge/thrash outfit from Sweden. Not only naked, but upside down too.


Steam doesn't count, they have towels on.

Resident Clinton

...but their cover is the steamiest. Rim-cha! I'm here all week, folk.


I don't know what's going on with Psycore, but I'm guessing those aren't band-members on the cover.

re: steam, I think they've all got towels on, Steam just didn't catch on to the whole "illusion" thing.

And Clinton, boy, you gotta just settle down now!


There's a great Canned Heat nude cover.


Don't forget the No-Neck Blues Band's contribution, the gatefold to 'Live At Ken's Electric Lake'

Can't forget about Liars - It Fit When I Was a Kid


My favorite nude album cover is definitely the Flower Travellin' Band. On bikes!


You know, you should probably put the new Sigur Ros album in with those.

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