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September 01, 2007


Dr. Benway

ohhhhh man! I hope this pave's the way for more out of print Rhino stuff to make the 365 day project. Like Kosher Club, or the World's Worst Record compilation! Now I'm itching for 'em!

Rex Broome

Ah, this reminds me of an almost 365-worthy cassette a friend of mine leant me as a youth, of the local record station playing Dr. Demento (the show went out as an LP) when it started skipping during this song, and nobody at the station noticed it (the DJ probably being asleep as the show was on after midnight or something)... so they broadcast a skipping section of this song for at least long enough to fill up most of one side of a C60 (or whatever). It was Blassie endlessly, hypnotically repeating "so keep-- the ground, so keep-- the ground, so keep-- the ground"... good stuff. Probaby gave the tape back to said friend. I think the other side had a bunch of SCTV sketches recorded "open air" from a television.


erik ok

When I was 12, a friend had a tape of this (from the Dr. Demento, Naturally) We would listen over and over, and i never understood why it was so funny. Now that I see the cover, the mask, the certificate... it all makes sense.

The Swill Man

LONG LIVE THE MUSIC AND MEMORY OF FRED BLASSIE! I have the two earlier issues of this record, with the cover of him biting a guitar. In fact, I have his entire discography! Totally required listening!


Hands down, my favorite fathead.


Alot of the guitar is Billy Zoom!


That mask makes him look like the love child of Aleistair Crowley and Boris Karloff.

The Swill Man

I actually have Kosher Club...maybe I'll submit it if no one else does...

Mr Fab

Johnny Legend's second appearance in the 365 Project, after his murder songs album.


So did they mean to write on the certificate that it was inscribed in "authentic Greek blood," or was it supposed to be "geek blood"?



Most versions of "Pencil Neck Geek" omit the revealing & subsequent frying of the recording engineer (post 3:25 to end)!

FINALLY! A complete version of "Pencil Neck Geek"! Thanks ToD!

Senor Chubba

There was an answer record to this masterpeice. From the geeks point of view.

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