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September 08, 2007



Thank you.

Mickey Mephistopheles

Any possibility of getting recordings of the exit groove locked loops?


Although, they are my countrymen and I'm a noise fan, I have never heard of them. Sounds interesting.
Well I should probably ask some older friends of mine about them.

Nash Rose

Mickey - seems unlikely, since I only have the CD version. One time I saw a vinyl copy on ebay, it only went for like 20 bucks...or you could just refrain from taking the needle off of the record when you're done listening to side one of Frampton Comes Alive!...I'm pretty sure it sounds just like any exit groove.

Liam Baldwin

Severe GBH of the eardrobes. It's brilliant stuff. Thank you for sharing.

Grandpa Scorpion

I found a copy at the record fair Saturday at Psychedelic Pig's table. It's a dbl-platter so I assume it's a re-issue, number 78 of 485. I got for $23

Grandpa Scorpion

I doubled-checked the record. It's actually an original (on the Kvadratura Juga label) and it's number 78 of 480.


Newly published article that Nash wrote about "Mah 2":

mr. mike

It sounds a lot like early Laibach but without lyrics...a lot of interesting stuff came out of the woodwork after Tito died.

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