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September 09, 2007



id think having Paul Wichell as a father might be fun, but i wasnt there. it had to be better than having Bonehead Smiff as a Dad.

Dale Hazelton

Love that Lucy Show clip, up there with the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton diamond ring schtick.

"Chips of Wisdom"...the cover alone is great. Was this really intended to be a childrens record? The swelling strings, the tongue-in-cheek self importance, the darkness, all add up to something pretty out there. Thanks!

Did your dad ever do any "party records" with the dolls? I'd love to hear some swearing from a dummy.....

Holland Oats

that clip is great - lucy looks like one o' them 'real dolls' the kids are so crazy about these days

Rory Murray

Thanks for the clips April! By the way, your website, April Winchell Multimedia is one of my favorites. I was a big fan of your fathers show as a kid. My favorite characters were Knucklehead and Snitchy the Snail.
If I'm not mistaken, your father helped pioneer animation techniques that are still being used today.
I am a big fan of yours too. Keep up the great work!


April these are truly wonderful, creepy but essentially beautiful at the same time. I think it's the musical setting that makes them so special. Who was the musical director for the album? There are some great string arrangements on there. I live in the UK and until recently I had never heard of your dad or Jerry Mahoney. In the 60s we had our own television equivalent in the shape of Ray Allen and Lord Charles (who are still going today). I don't ever recall seeing any albums by them and I'm sure they wouldn't have got away with anything quite as kitsch as this.


I had no luck finding Mary Smith. The link goes straight to the ventriloquist record, which is #88. I'll look further later. Thanks for this!


Arvo, Mary Smith is another track from this album, go to the page (365 Days 88) and click on the blue link there. It's a great track, you won't be disappointed.

Kathryn MurkyPuddle

I thought it wasn't disturbing at all.

Life lessons, FTW!


Oh, I think these are really sweet. I don't see creepiness, but I can imagine how the actual dummy could be scary to a kid. Your dad seems to have a consistent theme of looking past appearances and appreciating people for inner qualities. I'll bet he was quite a good guy.


Too much of life is sugarcoated today, too many people not living in the real world. Your father was trying to help young people understand. We all misunderstand our parent's intentions until it's too late. Your father brought a lot of happiness to young audiences for years, not to mention his creation of an artificial heart. Paul Winchell tried to do the right thing in life by doing for others.

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