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September 10, 2007


Grosse Douceur

Oh man. I brought this in to "Show and Tell" in Senior Kindergarten and made everyone stand for Jerusalem of Gold because I mistakenly thought that it was the national anthem. Of Jerusalem. I was four.


I found this at a flea market in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, which is on the way to Peterborough from Toronto...huh!

Scott Mercer

You didn't mention that La Bamba also features a bit of "Twist and Shout" thrown in the middle of it. I wonder if that's where Cheech Marin got the idea? ;-)

Seriously, that cut is FANTASTIC. Middle Eastern meets Garage Band. One of the best versions of La Bamba EVER. Too bad they didn't do "Louie Louie."

Dr.bezalel jungreis

i was so happy to find out that you guys enjoy the music. after all these years to see my records sold and heard is a lot of fun. i still play my guitars and sing with a wonderful group of tallanted musicians here in tel-aviv. all the very best to all of you, bezalel.

Jeff Smoley

I didn't think anyone would be listening to those old LPs. Hi Bezalel, ma nish ma? Glad you are enjoying the music. Bezalel, do you think we should re-publish? :-) Jeff

Mr Fab

Heck yeah, reissue this stuff! Did you guys record anything else besides this album?


hi jeff, it's amazing for us to hear from each other after all these years. i don't think that we should republish. let be of what was. it's nice to remember, and a lot of fun when i see that records that i recorded so long ago, that where sold for 4$ per record, and these days go for 70-100$. jeff be well, bezalel.


I have the Sabras 45 with Jerusalem of Gold and Easteman, but I was so excited to find this page and hear the rest of the tracks and put them on my iPod! Thanks for posting!

michael evans

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Prayer Requests

I love it. Kind of old but it's a music that is just so timeless. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day!

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