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September 11, 2007



Not an song, but no collection of trite post-911 songs would be complete without the awesome power of America We Stand as One

Billy Bob Neck

"A man we do not know/Dropped a plane from the sky". It's about dang time someone recognized the thousands of pre-borns that Osama bin Laden murdered! Y'all don't hear no one talking about that!

Dale Hazelton

You really don't want to be laughing at anything 9/11 related, but it's just too hard when you hear some of these nuggets. "Bad Taliban," indeed.


Other than the horrendous loss of life, another reason we have to get Bin Laden is for inspiring a wave of pseudo patriotic schmaltz.

Osama should get electrodes to the nads solely for Toby Keith's Boot in your Ass song.


OH DEAR SWEET JESUS! David Laurence has an entire CD of this crap!

Osama must pay for this assault on America!!!

Pete from Calgary

Nice butchering of one of McCartney's better songs. If I was Paul, I'd be soooo pissed.


The first one actually improves on the McCartney song.


Not just Band on the Run but the classic showtune Try To Remember (from "The Fantasticks") also gets mauled.

Can't believe I listened to all 8 minutes of Unborn Baby of Tower One - those ambient electronics are a nice touch. Jeez, what a creepfest.


Thanks for the props (without WFMU, there would be no Dr. BLT), but that song is old news.

Here's the one all the youngters have been adding to their iPODs (this may not come out as a link so feel free to cut, paste and then, simply play):

What Does 9/11 Mean 2U?
Dr BLT copyright 2007 Smash Records

Bruce L. Thiessen, Ph.D.,
Blog n Roll Songwriter

Grandpa Scorpion

"6000 people lost their lives that day and they'll never live it down". Wow, what a callous bit of lyrical shoehorning.

Richard Brandt



Richard Brandt

No covers of "See You in September," though?

Nick Hennies

Don't miss the very special performance by The September 11th Quartet on Austin, TX KOOP radio's experimental music program, Commercial Suicide.

Listen to the September 11th Quartet's emotional performance


Ugh! Creepfest indeed. That 8 minute piece couldn't be more hideous. I'd download it for later use in an argument against the validity of kitsch as an aesthetic. However it probably bears more rhetorical utility in an argument in favor of anaesthetic.


Is it just me, but doesn't Unborn Baby of Tower One sound like United States of America or Broadcast?


I followed a link to this post from The Hype Machine website because I thought it said "Unicorn Baby of Tower One". Imagine my disappointment...


Does this remind anyone of the "Kenny Dupree" sketch on the Best Show?

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