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September 13, 2007


Sammy Reed

This was basically another way of saying what Bill Cosby would say nearly 40 years later.


The concert in Boston Garden was in 1968, a day or two after Dr. King was killed. It had been scheduled for months, and the then-Mayor of Boston (Kevin White, I think--god I love irony) asked JB to go ahead with the concert. In order to try and quell potential riots, the concert was aired live on the local PBS station in the hope that people would tune in instead of rioting. It apparently worked well enough that President Johnson advised Brown to visit Washington, D.C. to greet inner-city residents there, performing at a benefit concert and expressing the notion that violence "wasn't the way to go".
This info is based on my own personal recollections and info @ Wikipedia. All disclaimers apply.

I found this quite moving

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