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September 16, 2007



"...The Covers were nothing special..."?!!!

Those 45 covers (and many of the albums) were mostly done by George Peed, former Disney animator, who was responsible for portions of the character design in FANTASIA, and went on to create "the Mighty Hercules" for saturday morning TV.

I, for one, think that Peed's covers to the 45s for "Dinner with Drac' and "monster mash", as well as his album jackets for "Monster's Christmas Party" and "Ghostly Sounds" are classics of cartoony monster art.

Sammy Reed

I think Corey means the cover versions of the songs "Candy Man, "Puff", "Monster Mash", and "Frosty".

My feeling is: If you can put the whole records here, why not do it?


I have 5 of Stein's LP shared here:

Corey K.

Ah, I haven't been clear - when I say "covers" I meant "the cheapo cover recordings of recognizable songs" - i.e. the recordings of the songs "Puff the Magic Dragon," "Frosty the Snowman," "Monster Mash" and "Candy Man" - not the jackets the records came in! I wish I still had the jackets. Except for "Monster Mash," I couldn't even find samples of them online.

We cool? :)

Corey K.

Sorry, Sammy - I was just sharing the stuff that I found interesting, and wanted to focus on The Caroleers (or this incarnation of them, anyway) and Frankie Stein, rather than the obviously-separately-recorded cover tunes that I found rather boring and unmemorable (flatly mediocre rather than remarkably, entertainingly bad in that tried-and-true 365 fashion), so I didn't have the motivation to digitize and preserve 'em. Plus I've got a lot of other stuff I want to submit to 365, and I barely have the free time to do that! Apologies if I dissapointed at all, but I hope you enjoyed what I did post.

Dave - thanks for the Frankie Stein bonanza! I'm listening to "The Creep" as I type. :)


Those Frankie Stein song titles are so good, I might not listen to the tracks for fear they don't live up to expectation.

The King of Jingaling

I have it from inside sources that the company that owns the Peter Pan back catalog is working to release Caroleers material in digital format (which is why I took down the links to those LP's on my site). I'm not sure if any of these are in the works. I need to get back to my source since I thought they would have been out by now.

The King of Jingaling

I thought I posted this but it doesn't seem to have gone through.... Apologies if it ends up a double post.

I have it from an inside source that the company that owns the rights to the Peter Pan catalog is working on releasing the Caroleer catalog in digital format (via Emusic, iTunes, etc.). I'm not sure which records will be released, but I was told that much of the Christmas music was on the list. I thought they would be out already but I need to check in with my source again to see what's happening....


Thanx for letting me flash back to the old times. I still have a couple of these 45's myself (monster mash & candy man), still in pretty good condition. I haven't heard them in a long time. I used to love the rock island line song from the Little Red Caboose record.


Icicles, Holly, Red Berries and Snow and Who's That Up on the Roof. I've been looking for these for years, as I have loved since I was a kid. Now you just need The North Pole Express the Carollers orignal "Jingle Bells".


I need a copy of the album "outdoor songs for indoor days" you posted one song"Cincinnati dancing pig and a pic of the album cover I believe on 9/20.
For the life of me I cannot remember all the words to all the songs...just parts. My sister stepped on the record when we were kids and I have been looking for it ever since. Please Help...
Also need a copy of"tale of Dickie Dragon

Candy Man

I don't know about the other 45s but the Candy Man 45's were cribbed from a 3 LP of the Candyman. I had it and it had about 10 songs and a lot more Princess Prunella.


This was great. I listened to some of these as a kid and for some reason got "Tale of Dickie Dragon" in my head today. So, I did a search and found you. I just played the songs and my kids (2.5 and 1) loved them! It was so much fun to see them dancing all over to songs I used to listen to. Thank you!

S.B. King

While I appreciate the patience from the King of Jingaling, thus far, two albums are up on iTunes being "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Twas the Night Before Christmas". A good deal of our holiday material will be up over the next several weeks but are planning on putting ALL of the legacy material with the original cover art from Mr. Peed. Dickie Dragon and the rest of the music you are looking for will be up there as well.

I look forward to hearing from any of you regarding the music and any special requests. I can be convinced to move some music up in the conversion cue.



Who's that up on the roof? Icicles, Holly Red Berries and Snow, all those....I listened to them probably beginning December 1st, lying on my parents shag rug in the living room all the way to Christmas Day! I can still remember the album cover, it was Santa with a bunch of Cartoon kids around him, one with blonde hair who reminded me of Cindy Loo-Whoo. My husband couldn't believe how much I loved this album. I even made a cassette tape of it to bring with me when I had my new home with my new husband - He couldn't understand why I loved this obscure bunch of Christmas music - but it's a part of me - just like it's a part of all of you.

Let's get out there and find that record again! Laura, CT



Also wanted to point out that Peter Pan only issued the performing moniker "The Caroleers" or "The Peppermint Kandy Kids" for their Christmas albums. All others (with the exception of "Frankie Stein"...what a name, by the way) were credited as mostly "The Peter Pan Players and Orchestra.

Regarding the Peter Pan logo, you are correct...that is his hair under the hat.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about the label. I myself am a collector of such records (and yes, I still listen to them...they're such joy!...and the cover and book illustrations by George Peed are so inspiring as a fellow artist too) and would love to share some info with anyone who cares to discuss the topic.

Bradley Blanski

I would like to say your website is pretty cool and I enjoy coming here.
I would also like to say...stealing content from Odin Art and Collectibles is un-cool. You did not think this was copy right material or you thought you could help yourself?

I look forward to hearing your response.

Site Master

Corey K.

Hi, Bradley -

This is not "my" website... I'm just some random guy who submitted stuff to the 365 Days project. (And that's why I didn't see your post until today, when I came back to this page to show it to a friend.) I will Email Otis, the curator/webmaster of this project and ask him to remove the JPG. Apologies; when I submitted this post, I told Otis to use his judgement re: the Candy Man Can cover, as I wasn't sure it was kosher. He gave you a link and acknowledged its origin rather than just pretending the graphic was our own. I'm sorry that wasn't enough.

(It's also implicit, I hope, that if Peter Pan Records were to complain, the tracks themselves would be taken down by the WFMU staff - again, not by me personally as I have no control over the content here. But hopefully they'll see my scratchy, skippy versions of the tracks as good advertisements for the recent digital re-releases of the classic material!)



I went over to iTunes and while I was able to find some of the stuff by searching for "Peter Pan," I'm wondering if there's some sort of page where all of it is collected?


Brad Blanski


Not a prob and don't worry. You can leave the link up if you like, but next time don't hesitate and ask. Just a click way. Theres no hard feelings and believe or not, I enjoyed the extra traffic.



Hey I was wondering if you knew of a link or website where I could purchase the "Rock Isle Line" record or cd. I used to have the old 45 vinyl with "Little Red Caboose" until a friend broke it when I was ten or so. Searched the web but could not find any definitive links. Thanks peeps for any info


Hey I was wondering if you knew of a link or website where I could purchase the "Rock Isle Line" record or cd. I used to have the old 45 vinyl with "Little Red Caboose" until a friend broke it when I was ten or so. Searched the web but could not find any definitive links. Thanks peeps for any info

Kirk Markarian

Finding these tracks made my day and MORE! I used to listen to these songs when I was 3 - 5 years old, and I have been searching for them since 2005. I have finally found them! YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!

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