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September 19, 2007


fatty jubbo

this is amazing. I love the stuttering timing.


Buddy Max, the singing, roller skating, harmonica playing, flea-market cowboy, is of Hungarian descent (or was he himself mistaken in his own liner notes?), not Ukrainian (though I admit his real last name of "Pastuch" does sound Ukrainain.

Perry Amberson

Hmmm... Buddy's Ukrainian heritage must have been an assumption on my part that got filed away as a fact. I guess I figured that anybody who knows as much as Buddy does about how they celebrate Easter in the Ukraine ("Easter Day"--b-side of the "Easter Bunny Buddy Max" 45) must have had family from there. Which album's liner notes mentioned Buddy's Hungarian heritage? Must be one I don't have.


A quick-and-dirty of "Joah Valley" got me this link to a just-expired auction of this record (I hope the winner was you). No further information, unfortunately, but at least you've got some good scans of the front and back of the jacket.


Thanks Mike! Front and back cover on the post + cover art embedded in the mp3 files.


"The Many Styles and Sounds of BUDDY MAX" is the only one I own, it mentions his real name as Boris Max Pastuch, and that he emigrated here from Hungary (or am I the one misremembering now?)

Like I said-- "Pastuch" sounds like a Ukrainian name, and indeed he may have had Ukrainian roots (my own family is Russian, BUT emigrated here from what is now Poland, so. . . .)


The warped disco version of The things We Said Today is the highlight so far. fantastic record! The little truncated bits of backing vocal on tyhese tracks with the same weird vibrato as the main vocal are killer. Thanks for this gem.
Just seen the back cover scan. So it's New Wave! That explains a lot. . . It doesn't explain the wig, but what could?


Are you sure that's not Tiny Tim under a pseudonym?

Maybe his cousin?


a first step...


Buddy Max is indeed of Ukrainian descent-he was actually born in NYC!

Many of his other records ("Together-Our Masterpiece", "The Great Nashville Star", "Little Circle B", "The Story Of Freda And Bud") mention this. I interviewed Buddy about 15 years ago (along with his wife Freda and son John-who was later tragically murdered) for an aborted documentary I was trying to make and he is quite the character...he told me he recorded over his old master tapes when he wanted to make new records!


"I Saw Her Standing There" - mmmm, sounds a little like Bryan Ferry to me...Do the Strand!

Garry Goodman

I produced this album and played most of the music on it. There is a good story behind this.
The owners of this web page need to contact me.
The name of this artist was Clyde Diltz, Joah Valley was his "stage" name.


you can't sing Hay Jude from The Beatles. You suck


wow...he kinda ruined the beatles for me...thats really gross...

brad ford

This is by far one my favorite 365 albums.

Gary Morris

Omigod, I'm so happy to see Joah getting his due via some attention! This is by far my favorite bizarre Beatles interpreter. A friend in San Fran turned me onto him quite awhile back and I've treasured the "Joah sound." My friend did some research. His real name was (is?) Clyde Diltz and he lived in L.A. He supposedly spent $25,000 on this album, which sounds astounding at first, but the music is totally polished, obviously by professional studio musicians. A great background for Joah's soaring craziness. Who could do better than his first operatic screech of "HELP!" And his version of "Things We Said Today" is friggin' great. My friend also was in touch with the guy who ran the studio sessions. That's where he got the info.


Just got this on vinyl and I'm laughing hysterically playing it! Classic!

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