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September 20, 2007



This 'audience track' is SOOOOOOO fake. Wow. Incredibly LOUD between songs with screams from hundreds and hundreds of bizarrely intense fans! However, deathly quiet during the songs. Deathly quiet. I don't think so. Makes this album even better.

Richard Brandt

Hey...they opened for Jerry Van Dyke!

Dale Hazelton

The tunes are painful. The banter is painful. Where's the telethon?

Scott Mercer

Where's my bagel? I'd like to spread this album on it. If anyone ever tries to tell me that the Eighties were cheesier than the Seventies, I have this LP to back up my contention that the Seventies were MUCH more embarrassing.

Seems like they tried to fill in the gap left by Sonny & Cher's act.
"But wait, we're two guys, they were a married couple!"
"I guess one of us will have to pretend to be gay!"
"Okay...short straw gets it..."

Dr. Benway

That reminds me of the Captain Beefheart/Zappa piece "I'm a Band Leader" where Beefheart goes into the monologue. "We have a new act... this'll kill you. I pretend I am a queer and the sax player pretends he's a queer too."

Lefty Lucy & Ry D. Tidy

In Philadelphia, The Dovells were regularly featured in local commercials for the "Robbins 8th & Walnut" jewelers. Besides the ads for Ideal ("If you've got a passion for fashion...") and Betsons ("Hey, where did everybody go?"), these Dovells / Robbins ads were classics of the Philly UHF landscape.

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